Friday, April 28, 2006

Mahathir or Khairy Fuzi is Rambling?

What is the Domino issue?

What caused Mahathir to aggravate his ferocity such that he has to use expletives and pour diatribes at his protege? Is he going for the jugular?

He had retired by choice and had made his own choice to appoint his successor.

Why would he take a new form of risk by declaring a "peaceful war" on the new regime?

Has someone caused him to act what he had to act?

Was there a need for him to go on the offensive as a form of defence?

Has Pak Lah made a coterie of his dislike?

The Singapore issue seems to be a hedgefoxing hedgehopping strategy ...

Deep Pondering is required. Insidious hedgehopping run... flogging the snow!!!


Anak Merdeka said...

Yeah, and it does seem like Dr M is about to burn some bridges over the lost bridge cause, or is it lost cause bridge?? D'you think it'll get nastier?

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