Saturday, April 01, 2006

Malai Kai from Kowloon


I wrote this fable two years ago. A naughter girl read it and asked me to post it again. I had to please her ... she is damn fierce oh! So, here it is:

Once upon a time in Kowloon Hongkong ..... (story always starts like this) 3 famous explorers from Malaysia (they were all men) were on an expedition to Hongkong to do a research on child prostituiton; and as they were walking pass a saloon in Kowloon ..........

"Hi mister, come inside. We have pretty chicks for you .... imported also got, local also got, and American-made tow yau-a (means "also got-lah")!

"Malai-kai yau mo-ah?" the explorer asked the attendent. (Translation - "Do you have Malaysian chicken")

"Yau-ah," answered the guy. ("We have it.")

Then, the 3 men got inside the saloon. They found inside the place a men but the men seems to bring along their ladies and some children too. They were sitting around the table, sipping their drinks and eating. Then, the Malaysian explorer asked the man-in-attendence,

"Pin-tho-ah, kor thit Malai-kai; cheng tai-tow kentucky kai? (Translate from cantonese - "where are those Malaysian chicken; I only see kentucky FC)

"Low-siong-ah!" says the attendent ("upstairs"). So they went upstairs. To their disappointment they found other men, ladies and children having their supper.

"Hai-pin-tho?" asked the 3 men. "Yap-pin-lah," ("inside there") answered the attendent.

When they got inside, they found some chickens on the table.

"What is this?" asked the 3 customer?

"This is Ayamas, made in Malaysia. We import it from Malaysia lah; it's the best chicken you can find in Hongkong and we guarantee - NO VD, NO AIDS, NO BIRD-FLU - and don't need condoms."

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