Monday, September 18, 2006

Deeply Sorry vs Full Apology

Even the Pope will say: "I am Deeply Sorry!"

"But Malaysia thinks it's not a Full Apology!"

"But he can't even say He Is Sorry!"

He said: "For me, if we truly fight for our own race, one should not apologise?"

Is that SO???

“There is no good in lying just to save oneself,” Prime Minister Pak Lah said.


Anonymous said...

typical malaysian...

Kenny Ng said...

It shows how religious and how cilvilist personality. Some people are not. What a sad case.

howsy said...

Eh, that eye-popping man is not Kodomo Lion lar, although I get your message. :)

Maverick SM said...

Howsy, he is lah....hehehehe!!!!!

lucia said...

in the first place, the pope shouldn't apologise. secondly, now that he did, they said it is not enough, what more they want? thirdly why are they always clamouring for non muslim to apologise this and that, when there were so many incidents caused by muslim (eg 911, demolishing the buddha statue by the talibans, etc), muslim leaders were not asked to apologise!

hey mave, i had also wanted to blog on this khairy no sorry (hey it rhyme) issue compare with the pope. you beat me to it. but maybe i'll still do it.

mmudahlupa said...

Mustapha has since apologized to the Education ministry over the matter. Mustapha also said OTK should apologized to Kerismuddin since his rank is lower than Kerismuddin. So, does this mean that Mustapha’s rank is lower than Kerismuddin? If one has done something wrong, one should apologized regardless of one’s rank. Even the former President of Korea apologized. The Pope apologized. Only KJ refuse to apologized b’cos he’s the son-in-law. PM wanted to apologize badly but no chance b’cos the SCOMI report was correct he didn’t tell lie!

Maverick SM said...


You were right but the presumption of wrong was contrary to cognitive evidence.

Ya, Pak Lah was not wrong in it's entirety; but equally he didn't speak the truth... It's half truth!!!

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