Friday, September 29, 2006

Fruits or Animals Fun Pics

Before we get indigestion from too much politics, let's have some fun pics.

A Banana dedicated to Pak Lah!

This for Khairy!

This one dedicated to Wingz and Lin Peh!

Should include Cocka too!

This's for Ibrahim Ali!

This's for Ong Ka Ting!

This is dedicated to the 3-musketeers

Desi, Howsy, AMoi

include Lucia lah!

This is Kenny

This... is dedicated to all BN MPs!!!


Howsy said...

Tomato horse? Cheers! LOL!

Human pyramid mess for BN MPs? Triple laughs! LOL! LOL! LOL!

Anak Merdeka said...

ROTFL Mave! That was a pure circus act for BN MPs, eh?? Telanjang summore .. heheh! Happy wick-end guys!

Helen said...

LOL.. damn it, I'm swearing off my favorite belacan brinjal. Dun want to eat the brinjal for god knows what that brinjal had licked with his tongue.

desiderata said...

hey, you've at least GOTTA colours for te two bananas right!:)

One is yellow on the outside, yellow on the inside2!
The other (SIL?) is now an adopted ChinoIserie! (The "eye" is cos of thee:(

Now, the 3musks -- Howsy, you think your GOoD frne gotta Horsey right0?
Methinks he's de-riding US -- more like Donkeys/asses to Desi! Mave, I wanna with-re-draw! I am standAlone V! Okay, mayhaps SabrinA by meside:)

desiderata said...

PS: OKay, Helen mui-mui, 3V!:)V:)V:)

Maverick SM said...

Now I know why you 5 fellas are damn naughty, particularly Helen and Ah Moi.

Desi, always a recalcitrant.

Howsy, always the good guy here.

lucia said...

ayoh but your fun pics oso touch on politics, so i got lotsa indigestion now lah.

btw where did you get these pics?

Maverick SM said...

Lucia, all pics are from websites and delivered by groupmails.

Kenny Ng said...

fuah!!! when I got so much power to carry those ah? LOL... thanks!