Friday, September 29, 2006

No Money to pay Welfare Recipients!

What is 30% Equity? What's the real issue?

The government said it is 19% currently, while institutional survey results said it's already 45% and if it include nominees and GLCs, it's 80%.

Many tried to argue that both sets of results are fictitious and "creatively concocted".

But those who open up their eyes, they are not blinded by the figures. However, nothing will change the truth, the bare truth that large part of the Malaysian community, be ye Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dayak, Iban, Melanau, Kadazan, Sikh, any race, any color, any creed, so avalanche of people are marginalised and substantial numbers are still living in destitute condition.

30 years, since the inception of NEP, the primary objective being to eradicate poverty of all, not just Malay, had in fact created a coterie of ultra rich Malays, while the majority of the Malays, particularly in rural areas, and include many in urban areas had been marginalised and neglected.

Hundreds of millions and many at times, billions, are spent on projects and programs that had little significance and little benefit for those poors.

Brickendonbury, Italian-marble public toilet projects, Program to the Moon, Belly-Dancing Survey trip to Egypt by Excos, and African-trip by Municipalities to learnt about toilet cleanliness, 1bil spent to build 110 Rakan Muda Complexes, RM10 billion for bailing out the three Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit System (LRT) projects, (viz: LRT 1 – Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan (STAR) – RM5.248 billion
LRT 2 - Projek Usahasama Transit Ringan Automatik (PUTRA) – RM3.006 billion
LRT 3 - Kuala Lumpur Monorail – RM600 million (soft loan)), etc, etc.

What had the billion dollar expenditure benefited the poor and destitute?

Read this:

All the districts in Kedah affected by Shortage of welfare funds

Baling's poor and destitute are not the only ones who have not been paid their allowances in the past four months, Kedah Social Welfare Department director Hadisah Hamid said. She said the department's shortage of funds also affected those in all districts of the state.

She added that the shortage was caused by Federal funds meant for them being used to help flood victims.

“This has caused an imbalance in the payout to poor single mothers, the aged and the disabled in all districts in Kedah,'' she said. Hasidah's deputy Mohamed Hazam Ismail said that the department had not disbursed money to several aid recipients for the past three months as it had ran out of funds since May. Affected recipients of federal aid have voiced their concern over the delay in receiving their allowances as they have to prepare for the coming Hari Raya .

Hadisah said the department had used RM1.04mil of its federal aid meant for 7,495 poor recipients in the state to provide immediate aid to students who had lost their school books and uniforms in last December’s flood disaster. She said she was instructed by the department’s headquarters to disburse the money to 10,440 students in Kota Setar, Kubang Pasu, Langkawi, Padang Terap and Pendang in August. Hadisah said that although this year’s federal aid of RM9.9mil was topped up by another RM8mil, the department still faced a shortage of funds.

We read problems, welfare problems due to shortage of funds. We read about tsunami funds lying somewhere in some departments which were supposed to be returned (but didn't) to the treasury such that it could be utilised for the relief of the poor and destitute. We read of 2,000 projects in the 8MP not implemented because there was no money and many of those projects were yet to be paid (approx RM20 billion owed to contractors) and we read of the news of billions to be spent for Super Coridoors at the North, South and East.

What did we read? Did it tell you anything? I bemused!

Marginalisation - did it exist?

NEP - did it benefit the Malays, those poor and destitute or only UMNOputeras?

Do a survey and find out why 50% of the Chinese are still facing financial cruxes and 70% of Indians are hovering around the poverty benchmark and 50% of Malays are having the same plights.

The stupid statistics, the measurement of equity and control, they measured nothing of the truth. By observation, we can see that 20% of Malays are ultra rich while 30% are medium income wage earners and 50% are poor; 10% of Chinese are ultra rich (and they are residing overseas and controls 35% of the equity market), while 50% are wage earners struggling to make ends meet and the rest of 40% are hovering at the poverty line; 5% of Indians are ultra rich while 30% are middle income wage earners and businessmen while 65% are struggling. This should be the hypothesis and a research and survey conducted to test this hypothesis.


mmudahlupa said...

The money all used up to build 5-star toilets!Hope LKS will bring this issue in the November Parliament sitting later.That's HIS WAY!

Helen said...

I cannot agree with you more. The sad truth is, the rest of the people who are at the bad end of it, is accepting it as karma. Worse, some are channelling their anger at other races.

Until these people understand the power is in their hands, this will continue to go on. Orang Asli are in the worst state of neglect. Some are even persecuted for their faith. (And you think it only happens in some foreign God-forsaken country.)

V for Vendetta? :-)

Anak Merdeka said...

May I humbly add: The EXCO Village in Selangor Negeri Maju built with public funds, benefits WHO???

Maverick SM said...

Thanks AM, I forget to add that. can u or anyone add somemore so that I can republish the wastage bonanza.

Kenny Ng said...

May I add another? Govt servant's salary review has been called it off. I knew it will happen, but how about those lowest ranking? It shows that govt is really financial shortage.

mmudahlupa said...

according the AAB, we have to spend wisely & making sure the $$ well spent for the benefit of the people. ya, benefit only one people like the 70mil to the moon trip!this is what they called wise spending! Those clowns really good for nothing.

mob1900 said...

Where does this 70 million comes from? National Treasury? 9MP plan? or somebody's mighty generous about it.