Friday, September 29, 2006

RM70 million for the Moon Trip

First female paying space tourist, Anousheh Ansari, has landed on the Kazakh steppe after a journey back from the International Space Station (ISS). The Soyuz capsule also carried fellow US astronaut Jeff Williams and Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov. It landed in the 56-mile (90km) predicted zone.

The return to Earth took just over three hours. G-forces caused by heavy deceleration can be physically draining after time spent "weightless".

The 40-year-old Iranian-born US businesswoman smiled weakly as she exited the Russian capsule. She is thought to have paid at least £10.6m (about RM70 million) for the holiday trip in space. Ms Ansari becomes the fourth tourist to visit the ISS after Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth and Greg Olsen.

Ms Ansari said she was an ambassador for attracting private investment into space programmes. Her family sponsored the X-Prize, which honoured the first private vehicle to make it into space.

Congratualtion to Ms Ansari. Malaysia will also be sending (a $70 million govt funded) astronaut there too. What did Ms Ansari brought home for the trip?

The space explorers brought back snails, worms and barley grown during experiments aboard the ISS.

I hope the Malaysian astronaut will bring back something which can cheer up the poor people in Kedah, as about 7,495 poor aid recipients in the state of Kedah had yet to be paid (amount totalling a meager RM1.04mil from the federal aid had been impliedly used to pay for his trip).

The State don't have money to pay the aid recipient and we are spending $70mil to send astronaut to the moon. What is the objective? Pak Lah must answer! Or maybe Khairy should talk about these people who are destitute and marginalised rather than just Balik Pulau. Oh, I forget, Balik Pulau issue was created to belied the assigned-award of projects earmarked for his cronies. Because of the outcry, the chief minister had now no choice but to agree with the award of the 9MP projects to those cronies. It's confirmed that Penang 2nd bridge is awarded to UEM. It's widely speculated that the monorail will go to MRCB-Mtran. Who is Mtran?


bukanmatrempit said...

hard to expose also, they claim it's a free trip that was included when they bought the sukhois from the russians but we all know it's included in the

bayi said...

what about the RM795 million!!! that EPU gave to Perak "by accident"? Accident my foot!

mmudahlupa said...

what about the SUN trip.`SUN-IN-LAW' is the right candidates!

bayi, i would forgive them if they just admit going into their own pockets,then we have ACA investigation & as usual nothing happen.Malaysians are a patience lot,don't you think so.