Friday, October 27, 2006

The 2 hour Dilemma of 2 PM

I always love Anita Mui's song:

"Why, why, tell me why..."

NST also copied the style today...

But the 3-whys did not portray the right questions that was posed by Mahathir, or even attempt to rebut them.

I find it extremely amused and interesting on one aspect:

Mahathir said:

I had to talk for 1 1/2 hour of the 2 hour dialogue.

All he did was to write down all what I said, that's all.

He gave me no answer to all the problems I posed."

Pak Lah respond:

He comes here to talk, so I let him talk lah.

He likes to talk, and if I intercept, it's bad manners.

I wanted to give him maximum opportunity to raise all the issues that was bothering him. Even when he said things untrue I held my tongue. My attitude from the start was to give him the chance to talk until the cow comes home (the bold is my own emphasis, absolutely mine).

We agreed to meet for 2 hours, and he uses 1 1/2 hour, so left only 1/2 hour for me, mana cukup to reply all his allegation?

He met me and said everything he want to say. I have to take time to respond. (I need time mah... a bit late but never too late)

Now, he blames me!

The mild mannered PM now resort to use insidious language. "...this time [he] attacked me with stronger doses of venom ...what to do?

Venom? wow, harsh, harsh, harsh! The toothless tiger now can bite...


desiderata said...

The Malay Dilemma continues.
The Chinese, the Indians, the Sarawakainas and Sabhanas DON'T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS...cos they don't exist in some eyes!:(

Robin Goodfellow said...

Once, Reynard the Fox managed to catch Chanticleer the Cock by the throat via deception. By mounting a charm offensive, Chanticleer tricked Reynard into letting go, and therefore flew away from him and perched up in a tree safely out of reach. Seeing how he lost his prey, Reynard began his old tricks again in order to persuade Chanticleer to return back to the ground.

"No, no," said Chanticleer. "You will not catch me again. A man who shuts his eyes (1987) when he ought to be looking deserves to lose his sight entirely."

So Reynard turned to flee. "The man who talks (2002) when he should be silent deserves to lose what he has gained," he said as he sped away through the woods.

With apologies to William J. Bennett.

bayi said...

excellent parable, robin goodfellow.

what about the role of some old foxes in nst?

maverick, no interesting pictures or jokes for the weekend? :)

Lin Peh said...

Must ask the entire cabinet sama sama sit down, discuss, debate, baru the reply can be chun la ! ;-)

A Voice said...

Tun Dr Mahathir is currently being criticised, disgrace, and discredited for voicing the people’s unhappiness and the country’s sovereignty. Yet, the issue raised has not been answered satisfactorily by the Prime Minister.

In facing this “onslaught”, Tun has written an open letter to all Malaysians dated 27th October, 2006 to explain why he is questioning the Government. Those wishing to read the letter and other open letters from Tun and his office can download from the following address:

Since the mainstream media have stopped giving Tun opportunity to response, we hope you could help spread this letter to the people. The least would be to spread the web address to enable the people to download and read it.

Thank you.

Robin Goodfellow said...

\"Tun Dr Mahathir* is currently being criticised, disgrace, and discredited for voicing the people’s unhappiness and the country’s sovereignty. Yet, the issue raised has not been answered satisfactorily by the Prime Minister.\" A Voice

* Lim Kit Siang? Karpal Singh? Aliran? Zaid Ibrahim? IPCMC? Sonia Randhawa? TheSun? Amnesty International Malaysia? SUARAM? Jacqueline Ann Surin? Shahrir Samad?

I pray thee, please do enlighten me, by all means!

Maverick SM said...

DEsi, your points are right. It's ironical in this country where the minorities are shut out and shut up by the oligarchy.

Robin goodfellow, I am so glad you brought a great parables here. I will use this parable in my writing. BTW, you should also enlightened me.

Bayi, you told me that I had too much jokes here and will upset my readers. I believed you; so reduce lah!

Lin Peh, could your organise it?

a Voice, thank you for motivating me. Anyway, Mahathir's letter was published today in NST and The Star. However, if there is any of it, I will be glad to post it. So, if you know of any, let me know. Thank you avoice.

Robin Goodfellow said...

There was an interesting comment sent in by a reader of The Star (28 Oct 2006) in the Opinion, Page N25:-

"If I have some grievances with the present Government, will anyone arrange a meeting for me to see the PM? Can I expect a reply from the PM for my grievances?"

And now, Dr. M is claiming that the present Government is out to get him, his relatives, and his close associates, by means fair or foul.

Oh well, I suppose our country does need a Mamak version of Dr. Andrei Sakharov or Nelson Mandela. Or David Letterman.

Dr. M and his supporters are incapable of distinguishing BETWEEN Freedom of Speech AND a Government Elected by the Masses.


Hopefully this enlightens you, Maverick. Ciao!

Gukita said...

Desiderata, we have heard and read of all the parties soiled clothes. UMNO gets more footage because they had more coverage...