Saturday, October 28, 2006

Malaysia, My 2nd Home?

Will foreigners want to make Malaysia my second home after reading this news?

Have the government allowed such fanatic enforcers to terrorise everyone by way of wide discretionary and arbitrary powers mandated?

Have the religious enforcers been granted powers to abuse in the name of religion?

Did Muhammad made Islam to be what these fanatics had construed?

Isn't it observed that Islam has become a fearful religion; no more loving and caring?

This is not the Islam I read in the Quran. I love what I read in the Quran; but that's not what had been exercised, preached and acted upon. The abusers had made usurp the power of god and made themselves to be more fearful than God.

Malaysia, my second home, dear foreigners, will you consider?

It looks like, even Malaysians ourselves might have to consider our own options here.


Even the fool knows we can't reach out and touch the stars, but that doesn't keep the wise man from trying.

Author: Unknown


bayi said...

The Minister for Tourism is trying to meet up with them to assure them. And surprisingly, the US couple are asking for monetary compensation of about RM4,100.00. Wonder what this is for.

The Minister can say whatever he wants but the fact remains that no one, not even the PM, appear to be able to keep the religious zealots in check. It will happen again and again and again. UMNO is afraid of losing the support of the religious groups if the muzzle the zealots.

The Minister's efforts are an exercise in futility. Cakap, tapi tak boleh bikin.

mob1900 said...

I'm sure some 'Anonymous' would be coming here and say you've no authority to discuss anything about the religion since you're not 'one of them', even if it encroaches others.