Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Haze & Equity Conundrum


O2Deprivation said...

Mave, firstly, welcome back. Take your time to blog, we all need some break at times.

I would like to offtrack a bit after reading the news of Rela man breaking into houses. Often when I dealt with government servants, I am pissed off with their arrogant attitude and also low efficiency. This is even worse for those that were being given certain level of "authority", quoting some examples, Immigration Department, Police Force, and in this case the Rela man etc.

You get infinitely disgusted to know that we actually paid for their salary and this is the type of service we are getting. I believe we don't have the fetish of hiring someone to scold us and tell us that "We are the law".

Everyone of us must play a part to resolve this issue. If we have been ill-treated, lodge a complaint to the government. If nothing is being done, let's take the legal path to end this misery. There is no need for us to suffer all this "humiliation" when going through what seems to be an easy process.

I recalled vividly an incident when I was renewing my passport at Malaysia's Embassy and overheard the officer speaking to a foreigner in Malay, who is queueing for visa application. What a vain arrogant and do you think he understands you better in Malay? Instead of providing services to the citizen in oversea country, most of the time they overpowered the "rakyat" with their authority. With this attitude, I am not so surprised on the way they treat the visa applicants.

This is a sad scene for Malaysia. Anyone that need a bedtime story, I have dozens to tell.

O2Deprivation said...

Something that I want to share with all readers.

There is a piece of news few days back, on a lady sueing Taiwanese government for negligence and causes the death of her husband. This is due to the sudden reduction of road width and without proper indication, the car crashed onto the road side and husband died. The lady won the case after lengthy legal proceedings and she was being paid a great sum of money.

This is something that all of us should bear in mind. As a citizen, we have our rights and I understand that being a Malaysian Chinese, we have exceptionally high threshold when dealing with unequality. However we must exercise our right when there is a mis-treatment. Voice it out, don't just keep quiet and pray that we will get over it soon.

In this case, negligence of public transport authority causes the death of the lady's husband. She exercise her right to sue the government and she deserved the verdict.

Maverick SM said...


I agree with you. When there's abuses of power, we should take the issue to the authority for redress, failure which we should seek the court's intervention.

Sadly, in Malaysia, we do not have judicial review, i.e. justiciability, whereby the court would review the executive's action or abuses, or acts that had exceeded their legal authorisation.

On the point regarding negligence, the public had not been educated on their rights as provided under the Law of Tort which deals with negligence, that is, the duty of care. Unfortunately, we have all kinds of associations and societies who are more keen to derive personal benefits for themselves, clamouring for positions so as to get the opportunity to rub shoulders with the VVIPs, etc. If only these NGOs and associations were altruistic, they would have plan some programs to educated the members of the public on the rights as provided under the law of Tort.