Sunday, October 08, 2006

LKY vs Mahathir

LKY is still in the Singapore's cabinet as Minister Mentor.

Mahathir is outside the Malaysian cabinet as Prime Minister's Tormentor!

Anwar is Agitator.

Najib is principles' Implementor

Nazri is Gladiator.

Rafidah is AP Applicator.

Samy Vellu is Terminator.

Pak Lah is Spectator.


lucia said...

haha. good one, mave. :0)

mmudahlupa said...

KJ is trouble marker.

Kenny Ng said...

great one... u forget another one...

Kenny is the rocker! wakakaka

desiderata said...


Majority of Malaysians are with Pak Lah ~~ mere Spectators.
Is it Good or Badder?

PS: I'm jest a writHer

Anonymous said...

This is my extended version:

LKY Mentor
TDM Tormentor
Anwar Agitator
Najib Safe Player
Rafidah AP-plicator or Another Benevolent Parrent-In-Law
Adnan & Tajol Rosli Two Joker
Shahidan Alligator
Nazri Gladiator
Mahyuddin Smiless Frusted Worker
Ali Rastam Brainless and Mediocre
Hishamuddin Ding Donger
Kalimullah Traitor
KJ Manipulator
Brendan Pereira Spin-Doctor
Kamal Khalid Reporter Harrasser
Zaki Zahid Project Distributor
Idris Jusoh Head Nod & Follower
Gani Osman Muted Anger
Johari Baharom Back Stabber
Osman Chief Back Stabber
Mahadzir Supreme Back Stabber
Radzi Conspirator

.... and Pak Lah Sleeping Spectator or Quiet Puppetmaster?

Anonymous said...

I forgot

.... I am a Provocator

Maverick SM said...

Thanks, Provocator.