Saturday, October 07, 2006

The day where toilet is called home

Today is the day of day where I called the toilet my home....

It's shitting day, 20 times an hour! Shit! I got to go again....

Food poisoning????? Oh my shit!!!


lucia said...

perhaps because you talked shit too much. lol. just kidding.

if you wanna make the toilet your home, which kind of toilet do you choose (from the toilet pics you had posted)?

cockeditor said...

1. when nst news editor, lee siew lian, covered the tsunami in acheh, she also screwed the indian doctor under covers in the red cross tent?
2. she believes that by sleeping with enough indian men, she would have their language and journalistic abilities?
3. prefers to masturbate over lunch time?
4. had a sex change when she was seven, which is why she behaves like a she-man?
5. thinks that 'pronoun' refers to a person who supports a noun?

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Maverick SM said...

Lucia, I think you are right. I talk too much shit.

Helen said...

Hope you are feeling better. :-)

Hey, on the bright side, at least it is coming out. If not, lagi toxic! lol

desiderata said...

mave sm:

You talked lots of shits, I agree 100% with Lucia. But it's shitty TRuth wat!
Serious, I hope you drinks lots of H2O, otherwise, your NURSE @AM or PM will keep running away from all these sheets we churn ooocuh!:( so HOW?

I'm asking lots of HOWs nowadaes, hope it won't graduate to HOWsy's shit (Sien nu'espaper in deed!:(

Maverick SM said...

DEsi, thank you and your words are extremely motivating and at the same time humourous.

Helen, is there a bright side? I am learning...LOL!