Saturday, October 07, 2006

PM: I am Ready!

PM: We're ready! This is our final assault in human capital development. Malaysia had reached the base camp and is ready for the final assault. The strong, steadfast and confident climbers had continued climbing but we will make the leap to the peak of glory.

Are you really ready? I thought you said you still have plenty of time left?

But are you really ready? I am perplexed! Do you know and understand what is human capital management? It is about globalisation and liberalisation and tapping the best irrespective of color and creed, paying value for money. It may mean the end of the NEP and those priority givings and handouts. It may mean a radical revamp of the current system administrators, selecting on the most competent and dedicated, those with the passion to succeed. It will hurt your party members and rent-seekers. It will hurt your politicians pocket. It may mean some people will be sidelined in favour of others and it may mean bringing in more foreigners to fill the places based on meritocracy and competency. It may hurt your political ambition. Do you have a performance measurement system to measure the key result areas? Do you think you can remove the NEP and rent-seekers because with it, you can have the cake and eat it? I doubt.

She is truly ready. This is globalisation and liberalisation. You agree?


O2Deprivation said...

We always have arbitrary measurement and definition that changes from time to time.

Final assault? To revamp the current system or maybe he means assaulting the "definition" of "human capital development", the Malaysia way? Instead of liberalisation, he could increase the handouts.

Looking at the current situation, it is basically an assault with empty riffle.

desiderata said...

Globalisation is like Da Barbarians -- they come silently in the steal of the night. Our half-sleepoing leaders would be caught napping, wake up as Rip van Winkles, then Go back to deep sleep/freeze.
In their dreAms, they ravish the Billions in Petronas and other GLCs but claim, it's for the Rakyat's benefit; still fighting over definitions of Bumi vs non-Muni equirties while the foreign invaders have taken over all the esential services!

Aiyah, Mave, you and Howsy and Anak M form a new Party K!
If I get my 20million by 2008, I may jest make a conTRIBUTION!:(

Maverick SM said...

DEsi, so nice of you. I thought u recently won the best blogger award price of $20 million? No teh tarik ah?

O2Deprivation, Somehow, I tend to agree with you. That's the shit!

mmudahlupa said...

What AAB said is that he is ready to step down!I thought 3 years ago, he said `YES, I'M READY' to succeed TDM. TDM underestimated him. AAB ready to destroy TDM policies & punished his cronies & TDM now ALREADY regreted.