Saturday, October 07, 2006

What they say on THES Ranking

What I say!

UKM: It is not surprising as our numbers of international students at UKM had doubled in the last 2 years. We planned carefully and it's a lot of hardwork. We have moved up 104 places from 289th position last year (185th position now). Visitors are amazed that we produced around 120 doctorates and 1,400 master's degree holders annually. (We will keep sourcing for foreign students from Arabs and African nations to increase the numbers; that will help us to better ranking). The key to our success: "Know who you are, where you are and what you are doing!"

MU: It was a hard pill to swallow - to drop for 2 consecutive years in a world university ranking. We will work harded to be better next year. We are aware that not enough was done and further drop was not unexpected. We drop from 89th to 169th and now at 192nd position.We will pay close attention to our performance in the criteria used in the ranking. We may question the validity and reliability of the data on international students and faculty...

UPM: We are very pleased with our achievements. We are delighted to have won worldwide recognition. It is not often that a university jumps 102 places in the THES ranking, an achievement that UPM can lay claim to. We have moved from 394th spot to 292nd due to the fact that UPM had corrected the perception that UPM is printing degrees. (Luckily, they did not yet take into consideration the student fracas as such was not a criteria of evaluation; so we can carry on with it; we named it a singing session). We are going to celebrate our achievement and reward our lecturers and administrators.

USM: We are pleased with the 277th spot, 49 places up from 326th last year. This is far better showing than last year. Slow and steady is our motto; don't climb to fast as we will fall fast. We are OK; semua OK!

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