Monday, October 02, 2006

Lucia the Celebrity

As requested, I post herebelow the portrait painting of Lucia Lai .

This portrait was painted when she was modeling at Petaling Steet.

Is it nice?

Her actual photo was this one below which I stole from her album.

Sexy or not?

and I curi curi snap photo of her thigh....


ricadoe said...

thanks for your effort. how bout your photo? which hong kong or hollywood artist do you resemble?

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... u notty la, curi ppl's photo pula.

lucia said...

aiyoh. me aunty oledi, where got sexy? haha. oso huh remember, overweight.

i'm flattered you dedicated a post to me with all my pics! accept with love (literal translation of terima kasih lah!) :)

Maverick SM said...

Lucia, can you reveal how you keep the feet so slim?