Sunday, October 01, 2006

Meeting Wingz's the Celebrity

I had a chance meeting with celebrity blogger Wingz of Rojaks and his cohort Lin Peh. By accident, we met on cyber space and chat at MSN. I took the opportunity to invite them Yum Char and they agreed. It is the first time in my life I am meeting fella cyber friends.

We had a good time chit-chatting and talking cock (including cocka). It's also the first time I went to Leisure Mall in Cheras, so you can understand that it took me more than half and hour to know where is the car park.

I didn't realise that the tim sum was excellent there and I wallowed as much as I could while the two celebrity stared at me unbelievingly.

Time pass fast and we had to bid goodbye. I walk back to the car park feeling delighted for meeting these two celebrities and... also probably more so, for the good food I had. I walk towards the location, east wing of the car park to get my car. To my horror, my car wasn't there and the parking space was empty. OMG, what happens? Did they steal my car? Oh shit, I loss my car. Got a bit panic and try to calm myself to believe that this place is not so notorious. I think and tried to figure hard. I tried walking around to the west wing, hoping I would have mistaken the location. Eh, the other wing is dark and can't be it. So I walk back to the east wing again, hoping some miracles would happen. It did! I saw the column with some lettering: P3! Shit me, I think I parked at P2. Hastily, I walk down the stairs to P2, and goodness me, it was there; my car was safely there. Shit, thank God! Got into the car and drove home.

Anyway, the journey wasn't that nice... went the wrong way and had to U-turn back, and then wrong way again. Anyway, I did get home...safely!

By the way, I managed to snap pictures of the two guys; they didn't know I took their pictures because they were busy chit-chatting between themselves ...something about their girlfriends.... that's what I heard...gossiping about girls.... better shutup before they sent some professional killers to hunt me down.

Those who haven't met Wingz, you can now view his picture here:

This is Wingz!!! Quite handsome ah!

This is Lin Peh.

Wah, both also quite handsome ah!!!

Since I am blogging these celebrities, I might as well draw some pictures of the other bloggers from imaginations:

This is the picture of Anak Merdeka@ a.k.a. Ah Moi

This one, I draw to represent Helen

Nice or not?


wyejon said...

wow... it's amazing how some of our local bloggers look like hong kong superstars. I've been told I look like Chow Yun Fat on several occasions as well :P

ricadoe said...

So handsome wingz and lin peh. I often wonder how they look like especially I'm patronize their web site regularly. Thanks for showing their face. Now I can die in peace.

Howsy said...

Amoi's not too far away from what I predicted here here.

Never knew Chow Yun Fatt and Dicky Cheung have clones in Malaysia! LOL!

Maverick SM said...

Hi John, Congrats and Happy Marriage. Have a good honeymoon and will check your new photos.

Ricadoe, hahaha, I like your can die in peace..hahahaha

Howsy, great guy! always the great guy.

Wingz said...

oi oi u got my pic mixed up with linpeh la!!! thats not me! thats linpeh! and linpeh's pic is me!! lol!!!

Maverick SM said...

Ya,ya, wingz, it should be the two pics below.

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... that day i met wingz n lin peh but both look like andy lau and aron kwok la, how come they change so fast ah?

u also get lost when went out the mall? me too, last week meeting up with them there too and i pusing so many round only manage to get out, was my 1st time to leisure mall too... LOL

lucia said...

and some people (was it howsy?) said i look like sammi cheng. (ahem!) so yalah we bloggers look like HK celebrities. :)

it's a fact that many people forgot where they park in a huge mutli-storey parking space. they try to remember where they parked when they got down from the car but when they are too excited after getting down from the car, they forgot to note down where they park... so the search begin.

wow mave! i didn't know you could draw so well! can draw a potrait of me or not - FOC?

Anak Merdeka said...

Alamak! Mave - you forgot to refer to Howsy's caricature of me ah?? I left school many years ago ler ... now instead of pigtails & pinafores, I carry Gucci and wear Prada lar!! And yes, also lollipops in case I met Howsy on the street. LOL

ps: How come Wingz look so much like my husband wan????

Helen said...

I'm impressed!! You drew it?? Very very good. :-)

You've the pleasure of meeting Wingz and Lin Peh.... I've not. Waa, wingz is sooo hot ar? Looks like chow Yuen Fatt??? lol

Pssst, you really give face. I'm really not that slim..... :-(

Wingz said...

AM : OMFG!!! you mean u r actually my wife??!!! we both has been blogging anonymously all these while??!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!!!!

Tonite i see you on the bed ok honey? *wink*

Maverick SM said...

Wingz, she say look like...not u lah... her husband is younger, only 21.

Anak Merdeka said...

Mave ah ... I think Wingz lost a bit of control - getting too sexcited in old age. "Fatt moong" also he alreadi "lau hau sui".

Maybe next time you see him, remember to bring along one kinda belt which can keep him from getting up and running wild, ok?? LOL!!

Lin Peh said...

Next time wan to take picture must warning first la. Need to comp my hair nice nice first ! ;-)