Saturday, October 21, 2006

MCA engaged for WW3

Lim Ah Lek is back!!! Back for his unfinished war with his nemesis, Ling Liong Sik. Mahathir who broked a truce is out and Ah Lek had waited for his moments.

Ah Lek Blasted Ling for Nanyang mistake declared NST.

NST Kali-Brendan coalition declared that Ah Lek came out with guns blazing after years of silence, accusing Dr Ling of being responsible for Nanyang Press Holdings Bhd’s loss, which was estimated at RM100 million.

Ah Lek said the MCA announcement that the party was only retaining a 23.38 per cent stake in Nanyang was proof that Dr Ling had made a mistake.

"If he’s bold enough, he must apologise to both MCA members and the Chinese community. They expect an apology and that’s the least he can do," Ah Lek declared.

Did the Chinese community actually expect an apology from Dr Ling or is Ah Lek and his gang waiting for it?

I am a Chinese and I am not bothered about the apology from Ling. It doesn't matter anymore as damage was done to MCA, not the Chinese per se. The decision to cut loses in Nanyang was a commercial decision made by the MCA kelptocrats. The decision to buy Nanyang was Mahathir's with Ling the bodeker acting as his henchman.

Ah Lek, who stepped down with Dr Ling in 2003 to settle a leadership tussle, urged Dr Ling to "be a gentleman and apologise".

"Dr Ling is responsible for the losses. Without him as president, the acquisition would not have gone through. This is a fact he can’t deny," Ah Lek said.

Ah Lek also revealed that Dr Ling also wanted to sell MCA’s 39% of Star Publications Bhd, which publishes The Star to T.K. Lim of Malaysian Plantations Bhd in 1989.

"Former Star director Datuk Wong Mook Leong objected to the proposal and the rest of the central committee members agreed. Had the sale gone through, MCA would have lost its majority stake in the company," he said.

Meanwhile, Chua Jui Meng, said it was common knowledge since 2001 that the party would eventually sell Nanyang to Tiong Hiew King.

"The Chinese community knew about this intention all along. It’s no secret," he said.

So, we have UMNO-MCA Youth war, UMNO-Gerakan ASLI-triggered war, Mahathir-Pak Lah war; and a new Ah Lek-Ling war. MIC war is over as Subramaniam's political career is buried down under.

Barisan is at war internally. Why? Bad Feng Shui for 2006-2007?

Or, the pandora boxes had been unveiled incidentally or accidentally?

Who's the winner? Kali, Brendan and Hishamuddin Aun, all from NST!

Pak Lah? He is the silencer.

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bayi said...

Way to go, Lim Ah Lek!

We should not sweep the issue under the carpet. This one looks like another potential pile of rubbish destined to be swept under the carpet if no one speaks out!