Saturday, October 21, 2006

Awie Awi Awe

Awie has confirmed he had a secret second wife a year ago. The woman is Rozana Misbun, the younger sister of actress-producer Haliza Misbun.

"Is it a crime to take another wife? I did that to avoid the sin of living together with a woman without marrying her as this is prohibited in Islam."

"Both of us made mistakes but people look at me like I am a villain just because I took another wife."

It must be a grave mistake that both had made????

Did first wife Arnie Nazirah Anuar, 28, also did something that caused them to decide the outcome? Don't speculate!!!

Six-year-old daughter Puteri Aleeya Antasha at Awie's side during the press conference.

It must had been painful for her to see her dad cried...

I just felt sorry for the kids...


bayi said...

The father cried but our sympathies are still with the children. They are the innocent victims. The adults could control their destiny through choices in life but the kids have to accept whatever the parents dish out to them!

Marrying, starting a family and raising the kids are all serious responsibilities vested in the adults. They are called adults because they are supposed to understand the seriousness of their responsibilities and the subsequent consequences of each decision and action.

End of Deepavali rant! :)

Maverick SM said...

Bayi, Adults do make decisions and some can be wrong. At times, our life is controlled by emotion and ideology. At a particular time, that decision can be right, and over time and circumstances, due to environment, culture, habits, transition of life, failures and success in our endeavors do contribute to the way we behave and react to things, to others, to our own, to our social activities.

Even in Christian families and conservative families, similar situations do happened. WE had to accept the fact - we are human. It is not what we want, but what had happened to cause us to do things that could contribute to the children's woes.

More complex is the world of entertainment and celebrities' livestyle. It is an in-thing. Let's be empathetic and let life go on.

Happy Deepavali

bayi said...

I know, Maverick.

Somehow I fly off the handle whenever the child are the innocent victims. Do you see the look of apprehension in the child? It is enough to tug at anyone's heart!

My apologies for the rant.

Maverick SM said...

Bayi, no apologies as you weren't wrong. I totally agree with both your points. The child's look does affect me too. However, life is a journey and often full of complexities and mistakes. But life still have to go on, irrespective.

Oh, BTW, we are also talking about apologies? It cross my mind on someone who wouldn't apologise....hehehehe

bayi said...

They are in deep sh*t this time. Read "rocky's bru".

mmudahlupa said...

Awie's wife No.3 will be Erra Fazira since she also divorced. well, rumours about their relationship before both of them got married.

bayi said...

Passing around game among these entertainers?

Well, they are entertaining us in more ways than one! *LOL*