Saturday, October 21, 2006

Deepavali fun time

Today is deepavali festival. We should have some fun, rather than those political indigestions.

In this cyber space, I had made so many friends. Now I had another; he used the moniker Bayi. I thought he is a kid. Now I know the hidden truth (that's the word he used in our mailing). He is more than a kid...a big kidman, not Nicole, but a handsome big man.

He sent me some jokes and fun pics and I will share it here with all of you:

The pessimist complains about the wind.

The optimist expects it to change.

The realist adjusts the sails.

To all employees, good news:

Have you seen this car?

Watch him...

Otherwise you may be shitting on your pant

Thanks Bayi.

BTW, Bayi had sent me some nice jokes. I will share it with you tomorrow; sorry, later in the morning as I want to go to bed for a few hours rest.

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bayi said...

Some of my cyber friends think that I am a Singh ("bayi")! :)