Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Religious Zealot justify raid

Kedah Religious Dept: Officers followed procedures during raid

Religious enforcement officers followed procedures when conducting a khalwat (close proximity) raid at the condominium in Langkawi rented by an American couple, Randal Barnhart, 62, and wife Carole, 61.

A Kedah Religious Department spokesman said the raid conducted at 2am on Oct 12 was made following public complaints of immoral activities at the condominium.

“They asked for the couple’s passports and marriage certificate to ascertain their religion,” he said when contacted here yesterday.

Tourism Miniser Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor does not like things like this happening to tourists as it spoils the country’s image.

Whenever an incident like this happens, Malaysians are damn good to justify their actions. They just can't do wrong. Just like Zakaria's case, Klang UMNO believed Zakaria did not do anything wrong at all; he just didn't comply to the rules and regulations and the statutory law; to them, he did no wrong.

Here, the religious department said they did no wrong. Someone complaint and they act; at midnight 2am? So, if anyone who wanted some fun made a complain to them, irrespectively, they would just act. Are they brainless enforcers? Can't they check it out first? I'm sure the condominium is a resort and there are surely resort management personels who could provide information to clarify. That man is a "White" and even if he is a Muslim, he is a foreigner and is not subjected to the Malaysian Syariah Law. Malaysian Syariah Law is not an International Law that can bind foreigners unless the foreigners had done acts that had violated the statutory provisions such as acts that are criminal in nature, or acts that are against public order. Equally, the enforcers request to view marriage certificate is ridiculous and frivolous...which tourist travelling overseas for holiday would have brought along their marriage certificate? That's a holiday resort and you don't expect tourist to bring along their marriage certificate, isn't it?

Yet, the department felt justified...maybe, it's Islam Hadhari... It's not in accordance with the Islam elucidated in the Quran.

So, if anyone wanted some fun or wanted to cause nuisance, they just make calls to the religious department, and the enforcers will be there, particularly at midnight... midnight????

Oh, BTW, had anybody forgotten an incident in Port Dickson where a senior minister was found with a girlfriend in a resort hotel? Didn't the religious enforcer take any action? Why? They don't have power to take action against Ministers?

Similarly, it was reported that Klang Municipal council will not act to close down DZ Satay Restaurant until the Mentri Besar had issued an instruction. The reason given by MPK is that DZ is a stateassembly man and an UMNO chief; at such only the MB can instruct.

What stupid fuckers are they? They are empowered by the state constitution to perform their duties and no one is above the law, be ye ever so high. We can observed the fact that executive decisions are subjected to the approval of legislators.

So ACA is under the PM department, Attorney General is under PM's directive. May we also say that judges are also under the jurisdiction and direction of the PM? Where is the Rule of Law and the Separation of Power? Where is democracy and good government? Alas, it was elected by us Malaysian citizen; don't cry for me, Malaysia!!!


Howsy said...

Everything also 'follow procedure' lah! Squatgate, Botakgate, Khalwatgate, Corruptgate, Cronyismgate, Nepotismgate etc. etc. The new rule written by UMNO.

bayi said...

There are many countries that degenerate into anarchy because the people there riot and disregard the enforcers of authority and order. Malaysia is a place where anarchy originates from the people with authority and are supposed to enforce order. In Malaysia, authority = disregard for law and order!

bayi said...

This is yet another incident why I see AAB's administration is no different to any of the one before. The religious zealots are running wild and with authority to make life miserable for the innocent people!

They are making a mockery of what the Koran teaches. They are creating a bad reputation for Islam.

mmudahlupa said...

8:00pm news showing Datuk DZ sheding crocodile tears! Seeking forgiveness after sucking our money? Can continue crying till both eyes closed! There's no law saying blind man cannot steal! i believe this is not repressive unlike ISA,OSA,Police Act,Printing Presses & Publishing Act.

mob1900 said...

Add new 'gate' liao, KlangPalaceGate. Til next G.E. we can reminisce of these 'Gates'.

bayi said...

Maybe he should portraying himself crying and saying that he opened the illegal satay store to find jobs for his big family and to feed them! And that he had no choice to open an illegal one because the Klang Municipal Council won't issue him a licence.

Anonymous said...

if both the foreigner sleep like a log and doesn't wake up, what they gonna do? torn down the door? imagine the foreigner wake up with strange people inside his room for just a simple khalwat raid?

obviously it is the procedure that has problem and the way they implement them.

lucia said...

now why am i not surprise... esp. after the rela raid in tmn anggerik, cheras, they too justify their actions. you are right. they are damn good at justifing thier actions because they will never admit what they had done was wrong.

O2Deprivation said...

Everything is justifiable in "Malaysia Boleh" sense. It depends on your authority, rank and money that you have. What a sad scene, it seems like all those holding an insignificant authority, now rules the country.

Where is our PM then, "still in control", watching the interesting episodes, "slow and steady"? Anyway, relax, it is only 3 years since he became our PM.

Was Thaksin being removed from his position before the completion of his tenancy? Answer, anyone? PM can wait but not everyone has the same patience as him, "slow and steady" does not work in this era when success lies with speed and intelligence.

While Malaysia is still talking about going into biotech/medic industry, Singapore has just launched the 2nd phase of "Biopolis" yesterday. So where are we standing now?