Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zakaria -UMNO Conspiracy Theory

From this story, you can understand how, even with empirical evidence of law-breaking, and persistence indulgence in unlawful activities, consistent discard of rules and regulations, and factual indictment, yet, UMNO declared that:

"Zakaria was sabotaged by the opposition".

"The entire episode was the work of the opposition to discredit him".

The Klang UMNO division rallied behind it's chief, Datuk Zakarai with a show of support and loyalty, declared The Star.

Other Zakaria's con-theory that emerged:

1) Zakaria's downfall is a defeat for the NEP

2) UMNO is now being bullied by the other races

3) If we are defending Malays right, we need not be apologethic even for the fact that we had broken the law because we made the law and could have exceptions to it.

4) Zakaria had built a wooden house for a poor man. This is sufficient evidence that he had done good for the people in Klang, irrespective of other facts and evidence.

5) The Sultan's decision was influence by opposition members.

6) UMNO councillors are privileged by convention and immune to the law.

7) If we are defending the race we need not be apologetic.

8) UMNO members can do no wrong in the eyes of the law; if it is, it's because the law was wrongly worded to have included them.


lucia said...

grrr!!! stupid idiot bl***y umnoputeras!!! i can't believe it!!! they blamed the opposition??? and it's so obvious this zakaria had done wrong and yet they back him!! what? even if he murder people, also back him and blame opposition/non UMNOputera??

so damn angry lah!!!

what in the world is becoming to our country!!

Helen said...

Let them talk. The more they open their mouth, the more crap comes out. This is a good opportunity for the 'thinking' people of this country to know their true colours.

Encore, encore. More crap pls.

See Fei said...

5) The Sultan's decision was influence by opposition members.

this is treason/durhaka! how can one accused the Sultan of taking side? i think this particular branch of umno had taken too much tiger bladder soup supper.

Helen said...

seefei - tiger bladder soup?? you sure you got the right parts? :-P

Cigamybab said...

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cp1 said...

trying to cover by saying opposition is to be blame for trying to sabotaj??? stop pin pointing!

Gukita said...

Those are the damnadest arguments I have ever read. A 10 year old would laugh blue in the face...

The Opposition is what it is...Opposition... They wouldnt be opposition if they say good things about the establishment, would they?? I say, what has become of the Nude Squat episode once it was found that the lady was a Malay and not Chinese??? I neednt say more..

Anak Merdeka said...

Wow!! They dare to imply that the SULTAN is ignorant. Amazing bravery. Is this another ToyoL idea?

desiderata said...

yalah --this particular UMNO branch of Klang read too much of desiderata-ylchong, therefore they're right, they were influenced by a leftist! But I was a righthanded writer awe A*Long.

Maybe DAP macai control the Klang municpality planning office two?

If DAP has hotline to Sultan's ears, maybe some of you Bloggers are on the next birddae's lists!:
Quik, go and register as DAP members NOW! Mave SM has got a dozen forms -- cheaper by the dozen it seems.

End times for UMNO are coming -- long l've PKN!:)

bayi said...

UMNO condones anarchy, if it is committed by their own.