Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Sorry Conundrum

Since the request for explanation was made and the timely response made by LKY, the whole blogspheres were analyzing the sorrowing LKY's statement and digesting the content with grief. Everyone could read the writings in the wall.

It is unsurprising that he who asked for that would had left himself a bit late with a further need to respond to justify; but he did, in concurrence with bloggers' thoughts.

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi said he has “taken note” of LKY’s explanation and wants an assurance that such statements will not be made again. The Prime Minister felt that Lee’s statement could have incited the feelings of Malaysians. He said Lee’s statement was uncalled for and not appreciated, and he did not agree that the Chinese community in Malaysia was being marginalised.

Declining to comment further, the Prime Minister did not say whether he had accepted Lee’s apology or whether he was satisfied with the reply given by the republic’s former prime minister.

LKY hit the bull's head by attaching an annex:

Who's name was cited as reciprocity?

What was clear was the fact that Malaysian politicians, in particular UMNO politicians had always used Singapore as the punching back, the "devil" (iblis) for their own game. What LKY had said is that he copied the moral theory from UMNO and apply it literally. Is it wrong? It can't be; it's contemporaneous.

When a finger is pointed at others, remember the other four is pointing to self (The parable).


mmudahlupa said...

Syed Hamid:His apology is not an apology.Syed Hamid had grown up.Now he can read letter! Remember what TDM said:` I’ve picked a foreign minister who does not know how to read letter.’ And AAB still take note & undecided. AAb will only crippled himself as long as he's still not firm on decision & remain undecisive.

A Voice said...

LKY is a racist with long malice intentions on the Malays and Malaysia.

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