Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Were Bumis marginalised in MSC?

Irony? Irony? Irony?

STI minister had to respond to an allegation that Bumis were marginalised in Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). It's perplexing?

Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha was commenting on Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin’s remark that bumiputras should be given priority in sectors such as biotechnology and information communications technology to ensure they were not left behind.

It has never been the Multimedia Super Corridor’s (MSC) policy to marginalise certain communities but to create wealth for the country, said Kong Cho Ha.

Currently, he said, there were about 1,600 MSC companies, some 1,200 of which were locally-owned.

More than 300 of the local-owned companies had bumiputra participation, he said.

“It is not the MSC’s policy to marginalise certain communities as the country practices an open policy where those with capability are able to develop the companies,” Kong told a press conference yesterday.

In the whole spectrum of Malaysian economic activities, other than those activities that are considered haram, what haven't been given priority to Bumis that already were given?

Investments comes with risk and risk-taking. If anybody, any bumiputera wants to participate in ICT business ventures, they can get an MSC status, anytime, anyday, as long as they are willing to take risk, for ICT ventures are the most volatile industry at this moment as the products or services are so competitive and ever-changing. You market a new model handphone today and in 6 months time, it's out-dated. You launch a new software product today and very soon, another software makes yours obsolete. The fact that in ICT world of product and service management, it's global in nature and it's subjected to global competition - the virtual world. Unless your organization or products has the competitive advantage, being creative and innovative all the time, and being branded with quality credentials, it's difficult to survive.

Given priority?

Oh please ask whatalulu about it,

for I am not able to transliterate.

Can we Malaysians, each one of us be truthful and honest about it - the reality of today?

What was not a given priority? Can we name it? Exclude Genting, Sports Toto, Magnum, Sweepstake, Carlsberg and Guiness Stout, Anchor and Heineken, Ah Loong and Chetiah, bookies and pubs, prostitution and drugs, Mat Rempit, eh (...oh, include drugs and Mat Rempit)


narrowband said...

Quote: "We do not want handouts but the opportunity to succeed on a much more level playing field."

Give me a break.

Maverick SM said...

Narrowband, u r right! Give us a break, land of the rising son-IL.

l said...

they are over-grown babies. they need to be bottle-fed forever and ever. and if they are not fed, they will cry and scream, even resort to spitting at those who dare to question them. *sigh*

lucia said...

oops. above is me lah. no see that only the first letter was entered.

moo_t said...

Actually they are hinting to setup MSC gravy train using government funds.

Helen said...

I thought (and I stand corrected) the MSC thingy was to lure foreign investors and companies? No ar? *scratch head*

Maverick SM said...

Helen, you don't scratch your head too hard; you'll go bald soon as there are behemoth of cases to scratch everyday.

Moot, I had to agree with you...the gravy train need to be enlarge bcoz of the appetite - they had bulimia.

Over grown babies to bottle-feed? Lucia, It isn't. It's the coming of the new dracula in town.