Thursday, October 19, 2006

There is no law to stop Khir Toyo

"There's no law to say that a person who failed to submit a building plan cannot be appointed as a councillor."

"If the leadership wants to take action, it is up to them."

- Dr Khir Toyo, MB Selangor.

The land at Kampung Idaman, Pandamaran, Klang, originally comprised 8 small lots granted to 8 settlors under a Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL). However, Klang Municipal Council (MPK) later consolidated it into one lot (total 43,000sq. ft.) and sold it to Datin Zizah Ngah, Datuk Zakaria's wife, at a price of just RM180,000, a far cry from its estimated worth of RM1.3 million which is based on the lower end of the going rate for land in the area. Land in this area is usually priced at between RM30-40 per sq ft.

A proposal to built the bungalow was first submitted by his architect on DEc 23, 2002 and development plan submitted on Dec 14, 2004.

MPK could not process the plan approval because no planning fees(RM2,400) was paid.

However, the construction works proceeded till completion without the need for approval. The maximum fine for this wrongful act is 10 times the fees, that is, RM24,000. I'm sure Zakaria can afford to pay.

There is nothing in the law to say that a person must get the approval before building the house. All it said is that if you build a house without approval, you will be fined 10 times the fees.

There's no law to say that a person who failed to submit a building plan cannot be appointed as a councillor (Dr Khir contended).

There is no law to say that a person cannot rape another. What the law said is that rape is a crime and the sanction is jail term and is punitive.

There is nothing in the law to say that a man cannot be corrupt. All the law say is that if a person is indicted and found to be corrupt by the court, he was face jail sentence and may include fines.

That's Khir's philosophy. He is right, in literal sense. Afterall, there is no moral law.


O2Deprivation said...

Who derived the law? The government?

Who is running the country now? BN

What is the biggest component party in BN? UMNO

Who is UMNO Putera trying to recruit now? Mat Rempit

Is there any law? Geesh, I don't know.

lucia said...

well this is the law for UMNO, according to UMNO so khir was right lah.

Helen said...

Seriously, I am angry how these elected servants of the rakyat think they are above the law. Wait, I rephrase... not above, they can simply make new ones if they feel like it.
The most frustrating thing is the helplessness ordinary folks felt having to put up with ppl like these.

mmudahlupa said...

really no law. even the PM leave it to the MB to resolve the problem.NO law means no problem lah. SEMUANYA, he's right!

bayi said...

"There is no law to stop Khir Toyo." This is the main message. He is free to do what he wants because he has the position, the political clout and the ability to take advantage of the weaknesses of the law.

O2Deprivation said...

"There is no law to stop Khir Toyo."

All the newspaper should use this as their headline.