Monday, October 23, 2006

Vintage Mahathir

Pak Lah got himself into trouble again. Again vintage Mahathir.

Let's catch the virus of his text transcript:

[Quote] "There wasn’t much else. For me, my intention was to convey my views, and we will wait and see if there will be changes or not. I brought up and explained the bridge issue but there were no comments from him. Many other issues I brought up were not touched on but he noted everything in his little black book. All the time I was talking he was jotting down. It was thick. I hope following this meeting there will be some kind of action."[Unquote]

Interesting? TDM forwarded so many issues but there were no comment from Pak Lah? Can't comment? He is PM and he must be a Leader. A leader can't rebut the issues; just jotting down the notes ... it was so thick!!!!

[Quote] "I can't say I'm happy. I am satisfied that I have been able to say these things directly to him. People say that I have been making comments from outside, but now I have seen him. I also made it clear that I want to be free to make my criticisms."[Unquote]

TDM expressed in no uncertain words that he isn't happy; only satisfied. What so satisfactory? Satisfied because he now had forwarded his points to the PM and at such nobody can say he is talking outside anymore. In the future if he voiced openly, he can claim that he had spoken to PM and no actions taken. Pak Lah at the losing end again. Vintage again.

[Quote] Q: How did the Prime Minister react when you said you would continue criticising? A: He didn’t say anything.

Q: How do you read that? A: As far as I am concerned, if he doesn’t say anything, I will do it. Whether he says yes or no, I am going to continue. I am going to continue if I feel that something done is not beneficial to the country. [Unquote]

Mahathir can now go on and pour his dissents to the public. It is clear PM couldn't rebut him at all. PM is only a listener, not do-er.

[Quote] I raised everything, including (the fact) that his name appeared in the list of companies that dealt with the Oil-for-Food programme. He said he had nothing to do with that, that he simply wrote a letter to introduce this man who was married to his sister-in-law. [Unquote]

Pandora boxes unveil itself. PM said he had nothing to do with the oil-for-Food programme; that he only wrote a letter to introduce the man who married his sister-in-law. The poser: Influence, power, connections - The power that be, used his influence and connections to influence decisions and getting connected with corruption - the payment ...undertable payment. Take an example: you introduce a drug dealer to buy drugs from a drug cartel; will you be indicted for abetment? Read criminology.

[Quote] Q: Were a lot of the issues you raised answered?

A: No ... he didn’t answer much as there were two hours and I spoke for one-and-a-half hours. There was half an hour left and he touched on several issues and then he stopped, you see, so we went back. [Unquote]

2 hours meeting, TDM spoke for 1.5hr and left half an hour for pondering and note writing. Pak Lah must have spoken less than 10 minutes. What a great leader. Didn't they say a leader is a good listener?

[Quote] Q: How did the meeting end? A: It was very cordial. We shook hands.

Q: What was the tone of the meeting? A: He listened. [Unquote]

They shook hands, afterall! He listens afterall!

PM disagreed that we have a police state. He also told Mahathir that since he (TDM) have done this, he (AAB) have become unpopular and he has lost popularity too because of his (TDM) criticism and the people that have benefited are (Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz. I disagreed. The people who had benefited is his ministers, top level civil servants and the political aspirants. UMNO ministers and aspirants knows he is weak and vulnerable. They now can use this opportunity to do and push for more handouts, positions and projects. You can see what had happened the past months.

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mob1900 said...

One original Malay word for Bodowi:
K-a-y-u or deadwood. GOM manage to make him look like a total idiot who misbehaves and needs some spanking. For someone who's been in GOM's cabinet(of fools), he had no clue on how to handle GOM? Only thing he touches on is 'Popularity'? C'mon, our country is at stake and all he does is worry about his fame. No wonder when they say when you get old, you really get young. Senile. Like a budak merajuk sebab tak share barang permainan...