Monday, October 23, 2006

Zakaria blames Architect

After 2 years of construction activities, and the bungalow is completed, and probably the architect hasn't been paid yet, Zakaria's only excuse is to blame the architect for the project.

But what does the law says? The owner is responsible and liable for the failure to comply with the regulations and by-laws. Didn't he understand this?

Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo said Zakaria told him this in their telephone conversation. Khir Toyo said Zakaria Md Deros blames his former architect for not getting approval from the Klang Municipal Council.

“Zakaria said it was not that he did not want to obtain approval first, but he had left those affairs to the architect." Oh, oh, oh, ho, ho, ho, what a lame excuse. If that's the case, Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) has a fiduciary duty to take action against the architect and disqualify his professional practice. The architect must now defend his position to remain in practice. Will PAM act?

Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has summoned Zakaria, to Mestika palace. The sultan was unhappy with the controversy as it reflected badly on the leaders in Selangor.

“Tuanku is deeply disappointed at what has taken place and he certainly cannot accept leaders in the state who have committed offences or showed disregard for the law. As elected representatives, Tuanku expects them to demonstrate exemplary behaviour,” a source told The Star here yesterday.

It is understood that one of the sultan’s officials had attempted to reach Zakaria five times through the politician’s aide to hand over the order. “Eventually, the order had to be sent to Zakaria personally by the Klang OCPD,” sources said.

We can be extremely proud that in Selangor we had a Sultan who understands and takes responsibility. If the Sultan can say that he is unhappy that leaders had shown disregard for the law and who doesn't demonstrate exemplary behavior, doesn't this include the MB who is shielding his appointees? I hope Tuanku will do more for the public and restructure the corrupt system.

It seems that monarchy understand the rule of law better than legislators.

Well, ulat sama ulat bersama juang,

Gajah akan mati di tengah tengah.

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bayi said...

Architect gets the blame! Scapegoats are in season!

I read that Zakaria is getting royal "treatment" from the Sultan. He was avoiding calls from the Sultan's P.A., delaying the inevitable. Lucky for us there is still a Sultan with a sense of what is right!

Kenny Ng said...

why must architect? aren't this more to C&S consultants?

Maverick SM said...


Architect is the submission consultant. C&S and M&E are subordinate consultants. All development plans must be submitted by architect. The engineer will deal with other authorities such as bomba, JPA, IWK, etc. Whatever it is, architect is the overall in-charge and responsible.

mob1900 said...

Kelangor(pun intended) has always been producing bad downright stinkin leaders, Latuk Harun the 'Butcher' of 513, the Dubya who hand-carried cash without declaring, the Toyolman and now Mat Deros. Nothing could save implored stupidity and deliberate imbicility. It's probably genetic?

bayi said...


it's karma. the sins of the butcher are visited on the subsequent generation of leaders.