Friday, October 06, 2006

Watch some Fun Pics

Vehicle stories

Hi men, you like this bike?

Or, you like this bike?

I'm sure you like this better?

But are you the left or right car owner?

Be careful; otherwise you have this!!!!

Shitting Stories

Hei, the pilot sits on tong taik!

Well, they sit on tong taik too!

He's the best, Shit on top of chimney.

When fire reaches your house, get the pail...

It may save you, hopefully!

If it didn't, pray hard!

Ok, ok, let's have some animals fun too.

Animal stories

Put the horse come? When he comes, you know!

Turkish bath or Sauna?

Jack, is that you?

Oh, human interbreeds... we animals must do the same

They said, the babies will be extra beautiful!!!


lucia said...

haha. where in the world did you find all these funny pics, mave?

btw, your earlier post with the riddles via poem and picture, so far nobody guess yet the answer to the last pic (the sleep, blanket and fish one). so what's the answer? or can give some easy clue or not>

Maverick SM said...

Lucia, you want is not mawi, but related.....