Monday, November 13, 2006

Bridge Greatest Propaganda

The greatest lie of all time!

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Effendi Norwawi said It took only months to implement Penang 2nd. Bridge Project

According to Effendi, the government only too a few months after the project was approved to complete the conceptualisation and implementation of Penang's second bridge project.

Effendi said a project of such magnitude would normally take years to get off the ground. But because, Pak Lah had drove himself to ensure that the whole project was implemented as soon as possible.

In fact the 2nd bridge was mooted as early as the 1990s by UEM and the conceptual plan was submitted to the EPU for approval. It was estimated at that time that the bridge was to cost about RM1.2 billion. Unfortunately, the 1997 East Asian Economic crisis erupted and the proposal was archived.

Before Mahathir retired in 2003, the same proposal was pondered again but was left to Pak Lah to decide.

In April 2005, the cabinet under Pak Lah decided to scrap the idea and Samy Vellu announced that the bridge was just too costly for the government.

"Penang will not get a second bridge for now as it is too expensive," said Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu. Although the Federal Government agreed that the proposed second bridge linking Batu Maung on the island to Batu Kawan on the mainland was vital to Penang’s development, he said it would be too costly.

“The federal government is very concerned about the need to build a second bridge but it also has to take the RM2.6bil cost into consideration. The federal government feels that for now, it’s too expensive to build the bridge,” he said on Friday.

Samy Vellu, however, said the government would expand the existing Penang Bridge from four lanes to six. Samy said several suggestions to fund the bridge construction through privatisation were found to be not viable. “As such, the bridge can only be built with government support even after it is privatised.

In August 4, 2006, (as reported in NST) Penang Chief Minister, Koh Tsu Koon announced that the work on the 2nd Bridge was expected to start in 2007.

You can see that the conceptual design was parlaid.

How could it be that it was claimed that the conceptual design was only implemented after the approval of the Prime Minister, Pak Lah recently?

I do agree that the revival of the project was entirely due to PM Abdullah as he is the "Force behind Bridge". He was also the force behind the "shot down" of the project in 2004.

He was also the force to shot down the Double-track Railway project awarded to Gamuda-MMC which is also being revived.

He was also the force behind the cancellation of Putrajaya Monorail project.

He was also the force behind the cancellation of Crooked Bridge project.

And now, he is the force behind the revival of all those projects.

We have to thank Mahathir for "creating" the trouble with him, for without the continuous blitzkreig and "perseverances", the "Pak Lah Frugal Policy" would still be intact and the construction industry contraction that had begun since 2004 would had continued for the next few years. By then, most of the contractors would had become insolvent and many would had died a natural death.

Ironically, it has to take Mahathir to cause the "Credence Clearwater Revival". The Bumiputra contractors had to thank the "Recalcitrant Ex-PM".


Howsy said...

At desperate moment (election votes), comes desperate lies...

Kenny Ng said...

I agree with Pak Lah driving force behind bridge, he did says the project will monitor closely by himself, not by government.

mmudahlupa said...

that's why TDM suffered heart attack. now you see, now you don't.
my opinion is that AAb kick off those projects to silence the delegates as the UMNO GA starts today.

bayi said...

Ya. First Johor, then Penang bridge. These two will keep all the delegates quiet. Enough to spread all the gravy around.

warrior2 said...

you are right if the concept is the same as the one before. you are wrong if they are different.

the question is: is it the same?

samy vellu said in april 2005 that penang will not get it "for the moment". it is now nov 2006! whats so strange about that statement of samy?

to me, the government has every right to decide the fate of a project, when and how it wants to implement an approved project, which is subject to situation and circumstances. if it decides to day to scrap a project, it will not be strange for it to revive the project after sometime!

Maverick SM said...

Warrior2, I agree with you that situations and circumstances do dictate decisions. But the key issue was the original doctrine of frugality and the reason why these same projects were scrapped and rejected was not based on rationality if the same are now enunciated by the same reason for implementation.

The key issue was culpable mens rea.

There is clear inconsistency of core ideology and values of the system administrators and the vivid rush in coincidence with the diatribes between the past and present leadership.

At one time, all efforts were made to discredit Mahathir for bankrupting the country by way of mega projects; now isn't what had been done the same line of philosophy?

Clearly, Mahathir was right to drive the economy and the actions taken in the past to scrapped those projects were detrimental to the economy of the country. If what is done today is a corrective action, then I would expect the system administrator to vindicate Mahathir; that's all.