Monday, November 13, 2006

EXCO Village, NO Exco!

Two years on, most of the Exco members aren’t even living at the more than RM20mil EXCO Village. Instead their relatives occupy some of the furnished homes. One uses it as a guest house.

Don't blame the Excos. They saw town councillors staying in "small" mansions worth about RM20mil each. Exco Village bungalows is only worth less than RM1mil each.

How can State Executive Officers, who ranked higher than Town Councillors be beggarised?


O2Deprivation said...

This is a good one, mave.

Helen said...

This is so depressing. Pain? Of course not.. the money is not from their own pocket. To hell with the rakyat's money!

shag said...

so true, so true.
I wouldn't want to be trumped by local councillor/ADUN. What more a state minister?

Kenny Ng said...

how stupid they r!

astrosurge said...

so tax payers moolahs goes there, and that includes middle class chinese n indian family that hustle day n night for 'sesuap nasi' for their family and kids. nabehnya gomen.

warrior2 said...

my understanding is that the village are "quarters" for the excos and not given to them to own.
the councillors concerned own the so called "20 million mansions".

Maverick SM said...

Warrior2, I am surprised you miss the rational of which you had consistently enunciated the need to be rational.

The fact is why did the Selangor govt had to built these bungalows for the EXCO members if they didn't need it and that the bungalows are now occupied by their relatives, friends and guests. Isn't this a waste of public funds? Should you not agree, than we aren't rational and the rule of law and natural justice can be dumped into the garbage bin while the pilferage system remains so.