Thursday, November 02, 2006

Domino Theory

It isn't about Zakaria Mat Deros!

Be it another person, he would have done it too, albeit in different packaging and color codings.

It had been inherent in the system for umpteen years, decades.

Ask Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye; he was in PKNS before and how only within a few years, after leaving PKNS did he get so many pieces of land to become a property developer; how he get the Kampung Pandan land and Pandan Jaya.

Ask Saloman Selamat and many others who had worked with PKNS. Ask Datuk Harun, the chief of PKNS.

It's the Domino Theory at work. How?

1) How is it that Zakaria, or any other in his position could have got so wealthy? Power and Influence!

2) Where did the power come from? Political ascension and interplay - get elected as Assemblyman or MP. Get elected and appointed as UMNO division leader.

UMNO's ability to hold on to power and getting support is due entirely to the fact that anyone who gets to be an UMNO member and an elected representative in the legislature will derive wealth, insurmountable wealth through appointments to executive positions with wide discretionary power to derive properties and assets within the system and to sell projects for commissions. That's the critical success factor of UMNO.

It is clear, even ACA had no way to get them - money politics, thats the name of the game.

Using money in political shadow play, you get whatever you want; and most of all, wealth, extreme wealth that can last 3 generations of mongoloids.

Would professionals do a better job as councillors?

The Chinese says: Lan Pa, Pa Lan! (read in Hokkien) Same cock color!

You can see how the professionals corrupt, except that they corrupt professionally.

The uneducated and laymen, they are corrupt but they often exposed their wealth and become an "Open Secret".

The professionals, they don't corrupt; they convert the under-table money to fees, commissions and agency renumerations. Coupled with the fact that they are professionals which imply that they could earned millions by merit alone (that's presumption). Ask Zaid Ibrahim, and all those professionals like Daim Zainuddin, Tajuddin Ramli, Halim Saad, Azman Hashim, Azman Mokhtar, and most of all, the fame Khairy Jamaluddin and his proxy Dr Liew Boon Horng (deceased).

Let's get on with live... nothing, absolute nothing can be done. Mitigation is at best and having a less corrupt officials is considered a "common good."

Maju lah Malaysia -

Cekap (cepat sapu dan cuci mulut)

Bersih - sapu sampai habis

Amanah - Awak satu, saya satu...kong si dengan rakan rakan; kalau tidak, ehehehehe!!!


desiderata said...

mGf: THat's mighty good analysis, as
Lord Acton did say:
"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."
He did NOt rule out BN politikus, nor Opposition politikus (Cos I have narrated about the Tiger Lee, Tan Si Lees who jumped ship, no?)...yes, Professionals too. Why you left out EDitors esp Datuk-ed?

But you enedd a li'l PESSImistic, No? That's inherently not with us WritHers! Hope you're still with Me.__Desi

Maverick SM said...

Ya, Desi, I'm always with writing satires!!!

Helen said...

ACA hands are tied?

I was joking when I mentioned untouchables. Guess the joke is on me.

Anonymous said...

I like the way u put it - you look at things with a very clear mind. Keep it up ! :)