Thursday, November 02, 2006

Father Raped 3-year-old Daughter

Contractor raped his 3-year-old daughter

A businessman was sentenced to 36 years' jail and ordered to be whipped 16 times for raping his three-year-old daughter twice at his rented home four years ago.

In convicting him, Sessions Court judge Nurmala Salim condemned his acts and gave him personal advice:

“What you have done to your daughter is very sinful and inhuman. How can a father rape his three-year-old girl? Each time I see your young daughter, I sympathise with her for being raped by her own father,” she said.

Nurmala said she trusted the evidence given by the girl, who was five years old when she testified, as her story was consistent.

“That is the reason I did not hesitate to convict you. She told the same story to her mother and grandmother about the rape. The girl had also demonstrated (the acts) with the toys supplied to her during the trial,” said Nurmala at the end of the defence’s case.

Even animals, when they are infant, the father wouldn't have raped the daughter. This man is worse than animals. The jail and whipping sentencing isn't justice ...he should be sent to hell and be raped by 1,000 men per night for the equivalent of another 36 years?

What kind of human would have raped their daughter, especially when they are infants and even if they are adult?

There was another case where the grandnephew raped his grand-auntie.

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O2Deprivation said...

This is why the term "beast" was invented. When the day comes, these people will go to hell.

O2Deprivation said...

I bet they will have a big reunion with those snatch thieves then.