Friday, November 03, 2006

NST load guns against Brendan's Nemesis

NST treathened BBC Unless...

The NST Press (M) Bhd has written to the BBC seeking an immediate retraction over a story sent by its Malaysian correspondent Jonathan Kent on Group Editor Brendan Pereira ending his terms of service with the group.

The NSTP will sue the BBC if the story, which portrays Pereira's resignation over an alleged row over plagiarism, is not retracted. Kent had projected that Pereira was stepping down amid allegations that he plagiarised the work of an American journalist.

NST is up in arms against the loads of "consistent" critics.

The guns are loaded and they are more than ready to "shoot" the critics who had been unrelent in their criticisms.

BBC and Jonathan Kent faces the music.

Would they also go for others such as Jeff Ooi, Rocky's Bru (Ahirudin bin Attan), or, on the lesser critics, Howsy and Desiderata?

Would we classify this as the "Jihad of Journalism"?

Are they going to use James's gun?

I anticipated this to arrive...


bayi said...

Wine, women and sex after dinner? Awak bikin apa? Boleh cerita lagi ke? :)

bayi said...

Sorry, Maverick. Sudah masuk kotak salah. The above tongue-in-cheek comment is meant for the post above.

desiderata said...


Desi's leser critic? I think Mave Sm ranks dare above me -- thou art Da Mail form of modety blaize,ain't u?

I just critique -- more or less. Period. Or non-.

Maverick SM said...

Desi, enjoy it. I enjoy it too.

Howsy said...

Aiyo, don't shoot me, I'm just a kecik mayung. :P