Thursday, November 16, 2006

GLC to bailout Malay Papers

Shocking! Unbelievable!

Whenever a Malay commercial enterprise fails, and it's failure is largely due to weak and poor management, the only way the system administrators and UMNO knows, is to call for efforts to bail them out, irrespective of the price to pay for poor system and corrupt system. And what else, but to use the monies from the GLCs? (I thought they said the GLCs should not be used to tabulate Bumis' stake? But they uses GLCs as if they own it?)

So what's the role and responsibilities of GLCs? Make money via govt projects and use the money to bail out the failures.

In the UMNO general assembly yesterday, Johor UMNO information chief Senator Datuk Mohd Fuad Zarkashi plead that the government must come forward to the rescue of the Malay newspapers as their circulation and revenue was shrinking and may face insolvency if revenues are not injected. To justify corporate governance it was proposed that the financial injection be made via advertisements. Fuad also proposed that all GLCs be required to place their advert in Malay newspapers.

According to Fuad, the fate of the Malay newspapers lay UMNO's hands. He declared: "Remember, those who are masters of information are also masters of power."

What does he mean? Those in power, use the power to get things happen, no matter what and no matter what's the price and what's the sacrifices?

The English newspaper were also being attacked. Kedah UMNO representative Senator Tajol Urus Mohd Zain blamed the English newspaper for the problem of Zakaria Darus. He exclaimed: "They had an Agenda against Zakaria". "The leadership should not give any position to anyone who is a danger to UMNO members."

Give position? Does he mean, employment position? That, those employed in NST, The Star, or GLCs who highlight corruptive and criminal behaviors of UMNO members, should be penalized?

Tajol Urus, referring to Zakaria as ayahanda, said Zakaria was merely doing the normal thing everybody did - built any building first, if there's a problem, just pay the fine.

Oh,oh, ho, ho. Is that? Then, why city hall and town councils are demolishing houses and shops of those who had no power, connection or influence? Shall we say, UMNO are more than equal, or, the first among equal? That UMNO can commit crime and disobey the law; not others?

This is not what the Prime Minister just proclaimed at the GA:

"The language of the law is the same for all citizens. No one is exepmt from prosecution. It will be a travesty and a subject of ridicule if the law only applies to the weak and those without position. UMNO leaders should be the first to display exemplary behavior by adopting and practising a culture of respect for and abiding by the law."

- Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on the Rule of Law in his presidential address at the UMNO GA; NSTP, Nov 16th. 2006

I would like to highlight another passage:

"While NO race should be left behind in terms of educational attainment, we must PROMOTE Meritocracy. We will ENSURE that ASSISTANCE will be given to the BEST Bumiputera and THOSE who are most in need. We need not create uneasiness by saying meritocracy will be the end of Malays because we will MANAGE the process.

Three key issues should be analysed here: 1) Those who are in need; (2) BEST Bumi and (3) Manage the Process.

Those who? who? who are those?

Best Bumis? Does it include those in PAS and KeAdilan and PriBumis of Sabah and Sarawak? How will they determine Best Bumi if there is no measurement standards and systems and there is any key performance indicators? In measuring best amongst Bumis, will there be a benchmark and evaluation criterias based on best practices and international acceptable standards relative to the term?

Manage the Process? What process - main system processes or sub-system processes? How to manage - plug and play, pick and choose, give and take, give, give, give, rob Paul and Ah Kow, create 2 standards, etc, etc. If its about managing Meritocracy process, how, what, when, where, why, which? or, to manage the processes by adapting the Meritocracy system design and implementation? Or the process of managing the efforts to attain meritocracy? It's questionable and it raise questions of the mens rea present.


bayi said...

UMNO has grown so opaque that it is difficult to distinguish its coffers and the government's coffers. which is to a large part, our money.

Is this the transparency AAB has been trumpeting?

O2Deprivation said...

Through years of discriminative policies, UMNO has become so timid that they cannot concede any failure and face the facts. They live in their own world of fairy tales, bailing out everything to make sure Malay is invincible.

Does it make a Malay less successful if he/she reads Chinese or English Dailies? Does it make Malaysia more developed by spending tax payers' money to bail out unsuccessful businesses?

Bear in mind, "tax payers" involved everyone of us, regardless of the race and should we allow this to continue?

AM said...

Whoa!! Easy Mave - don't burst your artery trying to make sense of these nonsensical ppl. LOL (Btw, I have switched my blogger a/c to beta & I can't log in comment to non-beta bloggers like yours using my new identity.) AM