Saturday, November 11, 2006

Love Portion No. 9

I was thrilled with this story by NST:

(Note: I had added the emphasis for a movie script)

It began a little more than 2 years ago in Hong Kong...

They met at a party. He was a (handsome) 44 and she was a stunning 26-year-old girl.

The affair began almost immediately (it should read: the sexual journey begins from here)

He showered her with gifts and holidayed-cum business trip with her in China, Belgium, France and South Africa. (holiday-cum-sex biz; surely he cum each time they me-rendek)

She wanted to be his 2nd wife but he wanted to devote his life to his 1st wife (filial piety or fidelity?). He didn't want to compromise his marriage. (after f88king, no compromise? but baby cum) They both engaged private investigators to track each other down (she engaged private investigator to track him and he engaged SAF secret services and explosive experts for self-defence).

Then, the tragedic journey began.... the rest, read the news ....

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