Saturday, November 11, 2006

Siti and Alex Yoong to explain 9MP to UMNO

In order to help the government give a clearer picture of its Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) to the public, the organisor of the UMNO General Assembly (GA) had engaged Pop Stars and Celebrities to make an appearance at the Putra World Trade Centre during the UMNO GA.

Wow! Fantastic UMNO! Hail UMNO!

Now the public and UMNO members can understand the 9MP better. They had engaged the best-of-the-best to publicise and explain the 9MP. The superstars include:

Siti Nurhaliza (Pop Queen of Malaysia), Alex Yoong (F1 & A1 Car racer), Candidates from Malaysian Astronauts programme, Sedayu Tinggi founder Rozita Ibrahim, Mount Everest climber, and Ally Iskandar and Azizah Ariffin, both Radio DJs.

And....Prime Minister, Pak Lah will grace and launch the exhibition.

The superstars will explain the 3-main aspects of the 9MP: Human Capital Development, Information and Communication Technology, and Science and Technology.

And...admission is free!!!!!

Fantastic, Fantastic... the 3-main aspects of the 9MP, em, em, em, Siti will explain, Alex Yoong will explain, Radio DJ will explain clearly to you, Mount Everest climbers and our astronauts can explian.... but I studied Business management, Macro and Micro Economics for my Masters in University and I had difficulty to digest the presumptions and statistical prognosis as elucidated in the debriefs of the 9MP and Siti, Alex and Ally and Iskandar, they all can explain the 9MP clearly?

em....em... I know why UMNO is successful... UMNO members need only to watch the beautiful Siti and they would understand the 9MP...em, em, Alex Yoong? Em, ICT and science and technology..ya, ya, UMNO members can learnt about car racing...I think he's presence is to help to transform the Mat Rempit to Mat Ferari; it's part of 9MP too. Radio DJs??? I think they can brief about the 9MP of the music industry, raps and jazz. Mount Everest climbers? I don't know how 9MP is related to the snow and mountain terrain...maybe, it's difficult to climb the 9-Mountain Plan. Rozita, oh easy, she will explain the NEP and how she benefited from it.

Oh, by the way, Penang Island Municipal Council had been briefed about the 9MP .... the were shown videos of a reporter's thigh. The video session must had been explain clearly the full 9MP to all councillors. After that thigh briefing, the councillors had been motivated and morally uplifted. They now are requesting for a study-cum holiday trip to Egypt to do research on belly dancers and to Mongolio to find out why beautiful Models there love Malaysian married men, and to Bollywood to watch.... .


martin said...

hei, very funny idea but i think really can catch UMNO members eyes with siti's beauty, at least wont fall in sleep during the explaination. Haha

Maverick SM said...

Thanks Martin. First time reading you here.

rags & poor's said...

if siti, alex, et al are to be invited to say what they THINK the 9mp is all about, then i may want to listen.

but having them helping me understand the 9mp, forget it lah.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with our society. Nothing is taken seriously & infact the expaliantion of our future as well needs to be done by celebrities just to get the attention. Very sad to know that goverment encouraged such thinking instead of educating the public to value knowledge & becoming more critise.

Dek Mat said...

anonymous: are you trying to say that celebrities cannot contribute to make the rakyat value knowledge and criticise?

well i do hope that these celebrities are able to show us a side that we never see in public, the side where they too are rakyats just like you and me.

I myself would like to go and find out what they think and what they aim to achieve in this talk.

To judge them now is unfair.

Give them the benefit of the doubt.

You should go too anonymous and not just making noise online.

Ask questions.

Then if you're still not satisfied, hell if i will not satisfied, i'll bitch abt them on your behalf till God strikes lightning on me.

What A Lulu said...

haha! they're asking siti "What part of your body do you favor most?Umm.. My nipple la *blushes*" Nurhaliza?
Maybe they're hoping that siti would make another slip and distract them for the 795mil+1.3bil+whatever else they haven't noticed yet mistakenly given to perak.

Wingz said...

wuah lokter dunwan frend me liowwww

bennyloh said...

...(on Alex)and I thought the only non-bumis that have parts in the 9MP and are engaged by AMNO are: