Friday, November 10, 2006

Ter's Love Portion No.9

Nowadays, bankers love matured woman, particularly if you are 50 and above.

Young girls, step aside ... Bankers looking for matured lady; married woman are given priority.

Former RTM newsreader Ter Ai Chin is suing a prominent Tan Sri for defamation and she claims that the latter was madly in love with her.

“I received no less than 30 love notes from him. He refers to me as sayang or sweetheart,” she told reporters in Bangsar here yesterday.

The man, who is in his 70s, bought her lacy undergarments in pink, red and black, she said.

Ter, who filed a RM4mil suit against the prominent banker in September, claimed that the Tan Sri had been spreading lies about having an illicit affair with her. Ter, 50, said that she filed the suit to stop him from defaming her further.

“My love for my husband has always been strong. The Tan Sri is spreading lies about having an affair with me,” she said.

“I think the Tan Sri had wanted to take revenge on my husband, who is also a banker, for pinching his staff,” she said.

“He became madly in love with me and was not shy to tell people about it.”

Ter said the Tan Sri bought her jewellery and designer handbags, all of which she had kept as proof.

Ter said the man started harassing her when she was working as a a bank branch manager in the mid 1990s, and that he was the bank chairman.

“I had repeatedly asked him not to entice me but he kept visiting me at my workplace and, later, at my house,” said Ter, who is the second wife of a bank director and mother to two teens.

“He bought me flowers and told me he wanted to make me his second wife.”

She said he threatened to sack her or put her in cold storage if she resisted him.

“I followed him to Bangkok. We slept in separate rooms but my colleagues then accused me of being an adulteress.”

“I want him to apologise to my husband and confess that he had never had an affair with me,” said Ter, whose Muslim name is Khairulnisa Ter Abdullah.

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Kenny Ng said...

This is why we called them as 'Lao Hiao' in hokkien... mean Old Pervert.