Friday, November 10, 2006

Religious Dept won't apologise to Barnhart

Randal K. Barnhart had to accept a verbal apology and a goodwill payment from the Langkawi Tourism Action Council (LTAC).

Last month, 62-year-old Barnhart and his wife Carole Joanne, 61, holidaying in Langkawi, were harassed at 2am by 6 men from the state Religious Department demanding to inspect their home, and asked to see his "woman" when Barnhart refused to let them in. They also asked the couple to produce their marriage certificate.

Barnhart wanted three things: A letter of apology from the department, a letter that they will not be bothered again, and compensation of RM4,315 — the amount he paid to send his traumatised wife back to the United States.

Kedah Menteri Besar said: "The religious officers were just carrying out their duties as enforcement officers. The only problem here is that they mishandled the couple."

LTAC stressed that the sum paid to the Barnharts was purely a goodwill gesture.

Barnhart said: "They apologised to me and I understand their concern. But he added that he had heard nothing from the Religious Department and might take legal action, depending on his lawyer’s advice.

In order to prevent a repeat of this incident, the LTAC is now acting as adviser to the Integrated Operation Board set up by Langkawi enforcement agencies.

The 6 officers and the religious department would not aplogise. LTAC apologise.

Even the Pope would apologise but "Malaysian Officers can't!" In Khairy's word, they do not apologise if what they did was in the name of their religion or race.


O2Deprivation said...

They bring shame to their own religion and race. Their wrongdoings should be condemned.

Barnhart, please bring this issue up through the legal path, you have my support, mentally. I want to be there for you but I can't because they will label me as racist, or even accuse me for sodomy.

"Nobody is above the law", claimed our PM, but why force entry by RELA and religious department is condoned by our law, is something wrong with our constitution to allow violation of the basic human rights?

Lin Peh said...

Apologise already no face la ;-)

moo_t said...

Ciiiiiii baiiiii. Why the tourism department use tax payer money to pay the compensation. Fckkkkk. It should be the fcking religious department pay it. BTW, what the f*ck is my tax money go funding the I-holier-than-thou rempit religious department.

lucia said...

they'll never want to apologise because they felt they did no wrong... and yet kedah menteri besar said "..the only problem is that they mishandled the couple." - doesn't that mean they did something wrong????

yeah i hope the couple will bring this up the legal path and sue the fu**ing religious officers down to their pants!!!!! sue them! sue the menteri besar! sue the gomen! sue! sue!

See Fei said...

and yet kedah menteri besar said "..the only problem is that they mishandled the couple." - doesn't that mean they did something wrong????

This is a dangerous precedent and i cant understand how Pak Lah can condone it. Although the term "mishandling" is wide and broad, but to just brush it aside is a precedent that has far reaching implication.

For Malaysia to move forward, i think the sacred cows of religion & race must be slaugtered to prevent cowards and bigots for abusing it for their own agenda.

Clear guidelines and mode of operation must be defined of what is acceptable and what not.

What A Lulu said...

what a way to pre-empt visit malaysia year 2007.
the govt likes to blast idris jala for not "supporting" vmy2007 in spite of their vow not to campurtangan in mas affairs, but they don't seem to be blasting these zealots.

fr3ak said...

aiya.....kedah menteri besar said "..the only problem is that they mishandled the couple." what thing goes wrong only know to use such excuse.throw MALAYSIAN face only la..they won think of they din mistake,bt come to excuses,"they" are best of the best.hope the couple will take legal action agaist them lo...malaysian ourselves oso cnt comment or say anything...haizzzz.....