Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mahathir's Dynasty edged to an End

First, they finished Mahathir off.

Mahathir was defeated in the Kubang Pasu divisional election for a seat as a delegate to the UMNO general assembly (just concluded). Kubang Pasu was the place he lived and bred his family and had been their chief for more than 2 decades. He was also the Prime Minister for 22 years.

But that all had become history. Mahathir had been trashed by his very own coterie, his own party that he had helmed for more than 20 years.

Now, they had turn their sight on his son, Mukhriz, the sole UMNO office bearer. They will finish him off soon. A special emergency Exco meeting will be held to sack him.

Mukhriz, who is an UMNO Youth Exco member, had broken ranks with his president and deputy president, his father's nemesis. The reason? He supported his father.

Mukhriz had said on Wednesday that Abdullah's speech at the Umno general assembly contained nothing new. His comment was made after the Prime Minister had openly declared that he is open to constructive criticism.

However, Pak Lah was upset over Mukhriz's remarks and said its up to the Youth movement to finish him off.

With that, it ends Mahathir's dynasty.

Mahathir never envisaged that he would retire with his political ideology cremated by the people he bred, feed, and nurtured and anointed. This is the prize and price of his decision making. To add salt to his wound, his family's political future will also be cremated alongside his.

Mahaputera is finished. It's the KJ Era, the era of the new jaggernauts; the new robber baron.


Lin Peh said...

Must be 6-Chan-Pat-Yeng ? (all relatives also not renognize)

desiderata said...

sdr mave:

Exit: Mukhriz Mahathir

Enter: Anwar Ibrahim

(recall what Wan Azizah said latest? Now that sodomy charges against her husband had been buried (with Sukma's recent free-ing and also Anwar;s own court reversal of guilty verdict...) "that Anwar should have been re-instated!"

The Sandiwara at PWTC Stage continues.

See Fei said...

"sekali air bah sekali pantai berubah"

the system of patronage in umno politic have no place for dissence no matter which side of the fence you are on. all elements of the former dynasty must go unless you toe the line of the new master...

it is sad but there is nothing we can do, unless we dont mind getting poked by now much publicised keris!

Maverick SM said...

Hi Desi, I agree that Anwar should be back as he is the only alternative left. But I had yet to read his political philosophy and stand - his new manifesto for Malaysians of all races.

See Fei, I like the real!!!

mmudahlupa said...

chances is anwar will rejoin UMNO so long as he is still not the President of kEADILan. the only vehicle for him to become PM.