Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chavez not at Airport. Did Zubaidah Lied?

I'll see you at the airport, Mr Prime Minister

"I'll see you at the airport, brother Lah." That's what Zubaidah Abu Bakar reported from Caracas, Venezuela, yesterday. According to Zubaidah, it is not often that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, turns up at the airport to greet a visiting leader but he will do so, just for, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Today, (Malaysian time 5am, Dec 18), Prime Minister Pak Lah was greeted by Vice-President Jose Vicente Rangel at the Simon Bolivar International Airport.

Zubaidah really make Pak Lah face-red! Where to put the face?

Mahathir must have giggled and laugh himself to the bathroom.

Where are you, Brother Chavez? I am here at the airport and you are not here to greet me? Didn't you call me brother?

Ayam Kambing Bag, says Howsy!


Howsy said...

Buat malu je, those spin-doctor f**kers! So pathetic!

moo_t said...

Well, spin doctor skin are so thick that they will never blush.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir did not giggle and laugh himself to the bathroom... he spewed out the teh tarik he was drinking as he took in the joke played on abdullah by chavev. Then he jumped up on to the sofa and sang, "I did it my wayyyyy..."

BLuEaPpLE said...

OMG! SOOOO F-embarrassing!!