Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ghani Rejects Bangsa Malaysia

Johor MB Abdul Ghani Othman said Bangsa Malaysia and Malaysian Malaysia is not acceptable because it means everyone is equal.

“It is about everything being equal and this does not capture the hearts of Malaysians," Ghani was reported to have said.

So, you can see that what Ghani is concerned is the fact that all men are equal; that's what he cannot accept. To him, all men cannot be equal and that this rule of law and justice cannot prevail in a Malaysian society and rejected by UMNO. Malaysian society must remain unequal as long as Ghani's ideology persist and what if Ghani becomes the next Malaysian Prime Minister?

I am not sure whether Ghani's ideology is UMNO's ideology, but so far, observation has it that it persisted and remain at such as this is what was wanted by them and this is what they call - rights. Even Khairy Jamaluddin's ideology as observed in the various speeches made seems to share this common value - the Ghani's Value.

It is imperative that the society will have to define their direction they envisaged and to determine their future political leaders. The election will not be too far away. Choices are available - to persist and subscribe with the current regime or to consider alternatives such as PAS, Anwar, KeAdiLan, DAP and very likely, Mahathir with his new political-vehicle.


hasilox said...

This racist bigot sounds like a complete idiot! If he cannot accept everyone is equal, then where would the msian malay stand in the eyes of the world? Using his bigoted reasonings in the global context, that would means msian malay has no rights in this world. Totally UNACCEPTABLE!

I think every single msian, this idiot included, deserves a fair place in this world. Nobody, however advanced and rich their country is, has no rights to discriminate msian!

hasilox said...

"Nobody, however advanced and rich their country is, has the right to discriminate msian!"

See Fei said...

i read somewhere in lee kuan yew memoir that was the contentious point that resulted in singapore being kicked out of malaya at that time. there is no such thing as bangsa malaysia or malaysia malaysian. there other reason is meritocracy.

this issues will be revisited over and over again. until the moderate prominent malay and righteous umno politicians (i believe there are some level headed ones)speak up their mind, this chest thumping among their midst will go on.

desiderata said...

dear mGf:

Frankly speaking, I think Ghani was spaiking in tongue/dung!
I couldn't undersatnd 80% of what he was saying -- the other 20% were the connecting words.
Maybe my English standard was NOT up to the esteemed UMNO politikus level, or I did not recive that GIFT!:(

Acidic Sports said...

Ghani's is based on eat manure, shit rice ideology.

Anonymous said...

malaysai boleh (1) practise apartheid, while South Africa cannot;
(2) send "astronauts" ---actually govt-sponsored space-tourists --- to space (to play tehtarik in zero gravity), while the rest of ASEAN cannot;

(3) threaten its "apostates" with death, as in Sudan, Somalia and the other Islamic banana republics.

All these and MORE, malaysai boleh