Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spinning, Spinning, Spumed!

Astonishing, Ridiculous, But it's true.

Astonished: MRR2 cost the government RM238.8mil,
not RM120mil as reported by NSTP.
That's a RM118.8mil differences, Mr Kali.
Apart from that, the government had to pay the German repair specialist RM70mil.
It was declared that the defects was due to design failure.
How come the government is paying for it?

Ridiculous: Navy Recruit Training Centre cost the government RM198m
The defects repair was RM13m.
Again, the defective works was supposed to be borne by the contractor.
How come the government goes and pay for it?
Oh, BTW, the same contractor was awarded another RM320mil project by Bank Negara.
Any problem? No problem!

Truth: Matrade Building original contract value was RM167mil.
It now cost RM287m. The contractor was Perangsang International Sdn Bhd,
a subsidiary of Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor Bhd (K. Hartanah)
which is an investment company of the Selangor government.
In July 2004, K. Hartanah the selling Perangsang toTajuk Modal Sdn Bhd for RM2.
The directors of Tajuk Modal are Chong Sang and Yap Fook Sang.
Why sell a state-owned corporation to these two Chinamen? Any connection?

Costly blunders? Blundering the nation's coffers?
No one was prosecuted.

Reasons for these blunders was revealed by Second Finance Minister:

(1) Projects were awarded to contractors who do not have the expertise whatsoever.

(2) Projects given to those who do not have the financial means to complete the projects.

(3) Bumi contractors sold the project for quick bucks.

(4) Consultants' grossly incompetent.

(5) The actual builder is ultimately the sub-sub-sub-sub-sui contractor. (A $200m award to the maincon becomes $80mil when it was passed down to the ultimate builder.)

All these facts and factors were revealed in the Auditor-general report filed by A-G Snwari Suri in his article: "Monitoring Construction Projects which he co-authored with his department's technical advisor, Abdul Razak Sulong (not related to Datuk Wong Sulong).

Anwari said: "Under the circumstances, you can monitor and audit the projects for all you want but all these aspects are not looked into, the end-result could be embarrassing.

For all these information and lessons, will we learn a lesson?

Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop had this to say:

"The government will still continue to help these contractors."

"The nationwide Class F contractor had yet to "graduate" to Class A despite being given contracts worth hundreds of thousands (actually, it's billions).

Oh, he added further:

"Our economy will remain strong."

Despite all these blunders?

Ya! Despite every shits.

Well, Datuk Shaikh Daud was right -

Damned bloodsuckers!

Oh, don't worry, they will distribute some money to some...

That will appease them!

Rm500 seorang.

Mari, mari, mari...


mob1900 said...

Can we take these Errant MPs, Councillors and Ministers to court for causing Taxpayer Millions? Especialy the 'HisapDade' Gangster.

Anonymous said...

!!! :D soooooooo how? KEMPEN GET SAMEEE II since part one din work ;P ....time to go, mr sameeeeeeee veeeloooooooo

Terang Bulan said...

Idiot Locals... just RM500 pun nak bising. Kelantan government donate ONE million pun takde la kecoh. The money will be burn and become smoke je later on - cigarettes!

a little carried away, sori

hasilox said...

Does the same thing the same way, hoping to get different results. What do we call such monkey? Absolute idiot or retarded?

Anonymous said...

greatman. govt get screwed big time. never mindlah. keep on feeding till the over 30,000 contractors get upgraded.

never mindlah. you guys can continue to screw the govt. semi is there to help. cost overrun, bad design, etc; everything oklah. semi will make sure govt will bear the losses. public cant do anything coz if they talk more, either isa or osa can be thrown at them.

transparency, accountability and people-centric mantra huh?

good luck m'sia coz she needs loads of it.

Anonymous said...

I think Samee should write a book like "Rich M'sia Poor M'sia" or Idiots' guide to "How to milk Public Fund". I think it will be an international sell out.