Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bloggers United Gathering 2007

It was an excellent gathering of bloggers.

I am extremely delighted to meet up with Jeff, Rocky, Mahaguru, Pok Ku and most of all Howsy, Desiderata and Lucia. It was great to meet Mob Nad and Politikus. (Some of the others' name, I forgot; so I do apologize)

Regrettably, I didn't have a chance to talk to Marina, Sonia, Nuraini, Tian Chua, Nades and so many of the others.

I got my buddies to have some nice shots. I wouldn't post the others pictures as I had not asked their permission.

So, Howsy and Desi, would you allow?

I'll do it another day as it's late and I got to get to bed.

(Oh, BTW, Chelsea won!!!!)

Rocky and his children.

Jeff Ooi and his godsons and daughters.


Kenny Ng said...

Aiyah... I miss it.

politikus said...

maverick! send some pictures over! :) it was lovely meeting you too :)


Maverick SM said...

Ok, Politikus. Give me time, I will upload to a new photo-site.

Kenny, you will face a fine and jail-term imposed by BUM...hehehe

Helen said...

Will be stalking other blogs to see if there are more pics...

mob1900 said...

Mave turns out to be Bigger Than Life and certainly the coolest man on earth, it's been a pleasure meeting you!

Maverick SM said...

Thanks Mob. That's a great compliment.

Helen, you miss every fun.

zewt said...

more pics mave! :)

phone cards said...

Why you choose nick Maverick?
You'd like this film?

Maverick SM said...

Phone Cards,

I love Top Gun movie...and

Tom Cruise too.

Zewt, patience, please

Anonymous said...

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