Sunday, May 20, 2007

B.U.M. Gathering (Pic Updates)

You have to guess who they are...

Here is a millionaire Guru, a professor and the future Minister of Finance

This was the man who single-handedly made Kickdefella retired back to Kelata

The girl from PM's dept....

and the man who provides the backguarding...

The Forum panelist, introducing, Sonia, on the right...

The young leader of tomorrow...future PM

The Royal ranter and the most influential blogger who won't speak,
but would also not stop when started... Hi Raja!

The man who convinced Tony Blair to retire...

Oh, this is the most handsome man at the function...

Nat King Cole's cousin...

Sorry, wrong picture...

The man called Rocky, the Malaysian Stallone

If you distressed, talk to her. Her smile had crushed and tamed many men's heart...

The man whom they love to sue because he Thinks Aloud and Talks Aloud on all issues

The man who chairs the gathering and trembles the world with his poems

and, lastly,

This is the free gift distributed at the forum

for those bloggers who need to smoke

and also for emergency use...


chloe said...

how was the food? ;)

A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

Glad it was a wrong pix. Or the forum wud have drag and I will not makan.

If only I had known who you were, I am an UMNO fan of your blog :-)

Hidup Engage & Embrace!

mutalib saifuddin said...

hello mr,

it was my picture (the 'future PM') haha..thanks for displaying it..

desiderata said...


My tyhoughts that hour were not collected, wandering everyw'ear!
IF I mis'd playing hoRst wellA to thee plus two lovely -- one lovely plus wan lovelier!-- mates, I owe thee a big goblet of tehtarik:)
PLUS my autographed kopi -- you get it, worth a 1,000 more when I join the late SAs of Machap and Ijok up dare or down w'ear!

PS: I tlied to tapau roast lamb to DHL to you &Co, butt but the time I went to kitten place, the FATcats had ariiv'd mushy earlier!:( Can't brame Desi for knot tlying...

RE: PIx, if I resembled jest a li'l y idol Albert A*instein, can, cun!:(
Othervice, use Howsy's cartoon clones:)

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Your caption under MarinaM pix:
If you distressed, talk to her. Her smile had crushed and tamed many men's heart...
I dare say her beautiful lilting voice also soothes many listeners.

zewt said...

aiyah... dunno who is who la... except for politikus only...

lucia said...

good pics... but why my pic not in ah? oh not pretty enough. :(

it's good to have finally met you, mave. you are as sweet in person as in writing. :)

kittykat46 said...

I am glad it was the wrong picture...for one second I thought WTF??...the so-called "future PM" attended gathering ?

mahaguru58 said...

Pleasure to have met you too Mr.Maverick Sir!

Hope we can get to meet again in the next Bloggers Gathering and maybe spend more time chit chatting!

Thanks for the snapshot and the caption which describes my objectives so aptly!

Take care bro and hope that the next gathering we have will be with a larger crowd...maybe 70% of the SOPO Bloggers of Malaysia!

Howsy said...

Where's my picture har? LOL!

Haiyo, that SIL pic almost made me jumped out the Cambodians here would be surprised also!

Why did we not have a pic 2gether har...miss the chance!

Catch up with you guys later when I kambing bag!

Maverick SM said...


I didn't eat...I left early to empire the FA Cup.

Riyadh Malaysian,

I agree with you.


Your picture and many more turns out darkened..lousy photographer, me.

All the rest,

Thanks for your comments.


hi, maverick,

we did not meet at BUM. But there'll be other bloggers' gatherings.

hope to meet u next time.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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