Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sharks will have Fins

I truly love this piece of news.

Dear brother and sister Sharks,

I have good news to tell you. My dear Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Azmi Khalid had decided to save your fins and all those of your family members, relatives and friends.

As from today, my Minister had decided that all functions and events organized by our govt ministries and Agencies would no more be serving shark fin soup in order to show our human commitment and pledges to safe your fins. My Minister also pledge that he and his ministry's lunch and dinner menu will be without their usual shark fin soup.

Dear Sharks, from what they told me, the usual and normal lunch and dinner menu had not only included your fins but your balls too. They said your shark balls were exquisite and delicious. I had not tasted it myself as I felt you need to keep your balls intact.

Dear Sharks, pertaining to your request to my Minister, I'm not sure whether my Minister will be willing to exclude shark meat and shark balls from their normal lunch and dinner menu. When I meet him soon, I would persuade him to spare your balls and meat. I promise I will do my best to get him to make this additional conservation efforts.

Dear Shark, for your information, our Malaysian Nature Society’s Selangor Branch Marine Group had embarked on a series of activities and programmes to promote awareness about the plight of sharks and their importance to the marine ecosystem, plus the misconception of the delicacy. In fact, they had considered the "Sharks as the apex predators and a cornerstone species in the marine ecosystem. They believed that your demise would start off a domino effect, which at each stage could result in the depletion or overpopulation of other fish and marine species leading to an imbalance in the marine ecosystem.

Lastly, I believed you would want me to convey your sincere thanks and gratitude to the Marine Group and my Minister of which I will personally make an official presentation to them.

However, for this presentation to the Marine Group and my Minister, would you consider some sort of "Hantaran" for me to bring along so that I would not go there empty handed?

I heard that you have recently formulated a new kueh kopek blended with your perfumeries excretions. I believe my Minister and his koteries would be delighted with it. Please don't use those unwanted balls of your predecessors in your preparation of those kueh. I am scared they may like those decomposed balls and may not wish to exclude your balls from their lunch and dinner menu.

So long, and hope to hear from you soon. Please remember to consider the "hantaran" issue.

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william yeoh said...

its really piece of good news if the minister really enforced the law and practice it persistently.