Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All for the Sake of Election

Today, we have so many "Christmas" news,

and Santa Claus is truly coming....

Santa drops a gift:

Panel for Non-Muslim (NoMAD coined by Rocky)

"The government MAY (if no objection from ...) "consider" setting up a committee (something like the "3-men panel" or the "Royal Flushed" Interdependent Police Comm) to look into non Muslim affairs," PM said.

"A department would be TOO BIG for this, but a committee may be possible."

"What is important is that we do not forget to pay attention to these issues."

Santa drops another gift:

Mediators to help resolve racial woes

Taking the maxim "prevention is better than cure" to heart, the government is setting up a mechanism to nip racial problems in the bud.

Communal Mediation Committees will be set up throughout the country from early next year.

These committees will work with the police to help diffuse racial tension.

(Well, the pilot committee has a trial run recently at Batu Cave, and it work quite well;

they managed to diffuse the racialist movement without violence, except a brick accidentally hit a police;

other than that there was no untoward incident;

the people had a good shower in that early morning though it was cold but humid.

After shower, they were treated with sauna and turkish steams. All of them stayed within that compound to enjoy the steam and turkish bath and they said they had fun as can be seen in their eyes; there were tears, they must be so moved by that goodwill gestures...)

Professor Datuk Shamsul Amri Baharuddin sums them all:

We are "A Nation Running on Goodwill"

Ya, you are right Prof. Not only that Goodwill, we are also a nation that runs on Petroleum.

Q: "What is it about Malaysia that you can't find anywhere else?"

Prof: "Our non-stop bargaining, negotiating and arguing about all things ethnic and non ethnic. From the cabinet ministers right down to the man in the street. It's quite unique, this willingness to trade in whatever form..."

"Whereas in Malaysia, the most basic notion is that while Malays may hold political influence in terms of numbers in parliament, the Chinese are a major force in the economy, when you measure the quantity of wealth."

"Because of this we have competing majorities". :No single race controls everything."

"As Malaysians, we are essentially contracted to each other, and we have no choice in this."

Dear Prof, You have forwarded a great point. But you seems to miss so many points. We are also unique in another aspect: We have the Police investigating the ACA chief, and the ACA chief investigating the Deputy Internal Security Minister and the IGP, and the Internal Security Ministry assigning the Police Commercial Crime Department to arrest an alleged gangster instead of the Narcotics Department. We also have the Commercial Crime Chief being indicted for misusing a helicopter after they couldn't find sufficient evidence to trace his $27 million.

Isn't it unique? Isn't it something you can't find anywhere else?

Santa Claus drops another gift

Owing to widespread complaints and calls for more consultation, the cabinet decided to defer the Special Complaints Commission Bill 2007 to the next Dewan Rakyat sitting slated for March.

Minister without portfolio and hiding in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said the move was to give MPs more time to study the bill's details.

Hello Datuk Seri Nazri, your MPs are going for Christmas holidays and some are going to Perth. Patrick also going to Perth. However, Nasi Kandar in Perth sudah tutup kedai, so you have to eat maggie mee.

BTW, DS Nazri, do you think you MPs will take the trouble to study the details? After all their job is just to say YES to you, NO to anyone from Soyuz or Moon. And even if they should try to study, many of them lack the intelligentia to do so. This is not a Bill about women's clothes, leaking, masuk sikit, and AirAsia slit-dresses, areas of knowledge that they are competent in. If you do observe, DS Nazri, your MPs are far more awake and active when the subject matters are about women... they had so much passion about women; they love women irrespective of age; they want to give their love... But SCC, they don't understand the philosophy and doctrine; they can't digest. And for some who could, they felt useless as they are ordered to say YES all the time; this is called Barisan Whip.

Nevermind. So is it Christmas gifts? or is it a precursor?

The heart is willing, but the spirit can't. What they do today or tomorrow is rhetorics. After election, we have UMNO election and general assembly. Many young UMNO turks are aspiring for positions. The veterans are also determined to stay on. There are also veterans who were yesteryears leaders who are also eyeing for some positions. So, the battle begins and all the participants needs issues even if there is none. Where else can they find it except with religion and race, and the claim of being discriminated by the other races, uneven playing fields after the fields have being leveled tilted-over, and if no others, find something else, like, crosses at missionary schools, AirAsia dresses, tudong, holding hands or kissings, but one aspects they do not realise within is is observed that there is now a new potential force within the movement; the Indian within. They have now become a potent force. They are Malays and are Muslims. They have the capacity and influence to tilt the power and votes. So whoever aspires to any political position, you will need to align with them. That's the king-maker of UMNO politics.


Anonymous said...

All I wish for Christmas is just for Santa to drop a couple of coconuts onto the old ('Gimme another chance') blighter's head so that we can all see what he has for brains

ycg said...

I think the breath that comes out from his mouth is as stinky as his manure. Don't let me go on about his looks that resembles Jabba the Hut with glasses.

Just because you are married to an Aussie, you think you are the subject expert. The way the Aussie government handles their people's opinion is by far better than how the Malaysian government is doing. Give you 1 example, remember the infamous Pauline Hanson? The Aussie has rejected her and her narrow views. They voted her out because her agenda is poison and that her thinking is poison, never had they place her skin colour above her campaign agenda. And dear Jabba, if you compare the anglo-saxon to the malay majority here, this would mean that the majority malay voters will vote out unanimously ppl like Nazri (majority rule), Bad-ruddin (you tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!), Hishamuddin (pls ask him whose blood on his Keris again), and donno how many more chauhai. So, how to compare? How to adequately show their respective constitution people how stupid and racist they are when the mainstream media does not even report this? How to open up the rural area people to think broader? ha? tackle that la jabba and friends.

not to say i side orang putih australia, but i must agree that their excellence outweight their flaws in many areas, while we...we...Malaysia Boleh!...Boleh kantoi!

All these academician, all pussies! I dare you to break the racial barrier and discussed indept on real issues like HINDRAF! Not just glaze through them cos second rate graduate like me also know how to do that.

Sometimes i just want to curse out loud. I now know la why our uni so screwed up!

Sharing said...

Splendid M'sia Life to go!
Q: What type of Panel you like for your car?
A: 3-man panel with proven record can go!
Replied: They are on the list but non-deliverable!

Q: Are you part of the Committee or Association?
A: Yes. But which one of the 395?

Q1: I bought a house with much delays, no facilities and out of spec.!!
Q2: My car bump, I claimed the Insurance but told to pay Betterment. After 2months, it came with used parts and accessories.
Q3: I paid University to study Chem in Campus A. But, I was told to go to Campus B to study Chinese.
A: Pick from the list of mediators you want and go!

Q: Prof., can we make a personal interview with you?
A: Sure, which topic you want?
Political, social, religious, philosophy, or ....

Tremendous Resources for Ping-Pong in M'sia!!
The Bright side of the Darkness?

How many MP qualified to read Bills?
Asking Monk for a comb?

Fantastic and fascinating to go!!
P.S. I so used to SMS, I forget the full spelling of M'sia!

Anonymous said...

Wahabbis are a pampered lot in Malaysia, and it is therefore small wonder that their ranks are growing. Becoming a fanatic may not make entry into heaven more easier after life passes on, but it certainly helps in creating a paradise on earth with the cash made available for such outlandish experiments. Although the Malaysian government claims to want to build up a knowledge society, the subjects being discussed in conferences given official blessings relate less to petraflops and gigabytes than to the proper way to wear a hijab or whether camel’s milk contains more spiritual value than that from cows.

Anonymous said...

"..a new potential force within the movement; the Indian within"
Yes, the Indian (mamak) has ruled Malaysia for 22 years. Now the new generation of Indians (mamak) leaders are coming i.e. the Putra chief & the Youth deputy chief. We might be under Indian (mamak) rule again.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan is already ruled by an Indian mamak, i.e. Musharaf from Delhi. Go to any urban centres and the malay shops are mostly owned by mamaks. In time to come, urdu may displace BM as the national language

Helen said...

Uh, these also count as gifts ar?

How about every rakyat getting an once in a lifetime AP? :-P

Chicken Ball said...

"Once bitten, Twice shy"

... but sad, as there will be some dumb-dumb who will fall into these spin...

Maverick SM said...


Blind man can't see the elephant.


You got so many question; you'll confuse the professor.


You want AP or api? Ap, go see Rafidah; Api, come see me.

Sharing said...

Some Professors are to confuse
Some are to be confused!
And, some are to sort out the confused! (U?)
Some can be all three!

The Red Herrings!

Maverick SM said...

Chicken Ball,

Very often we need to be bitten more than twice before we feel a little shy, and then thrid and fourth time before we feel really shy. After 5th or 6th time, we become so thick skin and will not understand what is to be shy. hehehehe


You are right except that the "some that have all the three will be classified as Confuckson.

Sharing said...


Is the word "Confuckson", a bit racial or even Kg.?

bayi said...

NoMAD will be a step child after the GE. If the gomen is so sincere, why wait till near GE before considering a NoMAD? The problem has been festering for years. It didn't like happen suddenly yesterday.

wits0 said...

Crummy stereotyping prof: "..the Chinese are a major force in the economy, when you measure the quantity of wealth."

Like the Chinese had it given to them, this, on a platter. Like also saying consequently that there are no poor amongst 'em. Therefore meaning everyone is born with business acumen and natural talent for successful biz. and needs not serve in the public sector and more...