Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Muhyiddin: APs to be retained

Minister of International Trade and Industry Muhyiddin Yassin today surprised everyone when he said that the government was retaining the Approved Permits (AP) policy for the next ten to eleven years.

His ministry was now backtracking on the promise the prime minister's department made in 2006, when they announced the policy would end in 2010.

"A decision has been made and we are not changing it," said Muhyiddin. The decision to keep the AP, Muhyiddin said, was made to prepare present traders for a time when there were no more APs.

"So that they would be able to stand on their own without relying on APs anymore," he added.

"Ten to eleven years down the line, whoever wants to import (any vehicles) they have the liberty to do that," he said, noting that the companies who have got the permits before the removal would have a strong base by then.

APs are only issued to Bumiputera businesses.

So far, 148 cars and motorbikes companies have been issued with APs.

Source: Muhyiddin: APs to be retained

I have no qualms about the APs; only 148 families enjoy this benefits out of possibly 7 million families in Malaysia.

The APs privileges as part of the ketuanan thing had promoted the aggressive imports of cars which runs counter to the pretension policy of protecting Proton, another Malaysia Boleh conceptualization and also a ketuanan conceptualization; and ironically, both being conceptualized by the great sage, Mahathir himself, of which he later landed disparaged in the Mahaleel saga.


gongkaukau said...

UMNO is still harping the Malay ketuanan thing and is still shamelessly breaking promises openly. They think it's ok especially when the reason to break promises is to "protect Malay interests." They are wrong. Their politicians and leaders just cannot be trusted.

artchan said...

They want to keep the policy in place. Just in case Muhyiddin and gang can wrest control from AAB..they have APs to give to their family members.

If they cancel policy..there is nothing to look forward to for their supporters,families etc. Simple as that.

hasilox said...

This could be another gov income. Maybe it was meant to be just another curi scheme.

To ask the robbers to stop robbing bcoz it's the right thing to do, what is the odd?

Maverick SM said...


I think the benefits of APs will never be towards the benefits of the bumiputeras in general. It only benefited some 148 companies.


I don't see it as some kind of an ace card for Muhyiddin.


It is not a govt income; it is the contrary; the govt collect less taxes due to the APs.

Anonymous said...

Give as much as possible
In other hand middle class and poor class are suffering due to price hiking but the AP king still given the benefit . Why we cannot charge this AP and ask them to pay and the money use to subsidy other important necessary.

Anonymous said...

This AP is the sure win ticket for Muhyiddin Yassin's december umno election.

So do u think he will cut it away. And for that matter any umno politikus will hold tight to this 'weapon'.

Mat Kelate said...

I would suggest Maverick to be more discreet. Dont ever suggest our fellow Malysian Chinese girls to sell their arse. you may not really mean it but it can be taken as an insult of the highest degree

Maverick SM said...

Mat Kelate,

Did I suggest Malaysian girls to sell their arse? Can you point out to me where?

Anyway, I have to thank you for the advice; for if ever I did, I am saying it without any intend to insult; but I don't think I said it; if you can point it to me, it would be helpful.

But I think the Chinese are less sensitive to vulgarity as compared to other races. The Chinese are more sensitive to racial incitement and discriminations.