Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't confuse the public and sabotage investigations

The police as reported are considering investigating the webportals and blogsites medical report allegedly issued by Pusrawi Hospital. (refer: POLICE: Website's report an attempt to sabotage investigations, confuse public)

Medical reports are confidential documents and it is a fact that someone had committed this crime of secrecy. Therefore the police will have to investigate this heinous act. The police will not allow such criminal and disgusting act to be committed by people who may claim their act is done in the name of justice and divine virtue.

This revelation may upset the sodomy investigation process and confuse the public, and upset the positions of the parties implicated. So far every effort were made to give the public very clear picture of what is happening but the blogs and webportals keep revealing informations that contradicts the good efforts and causes anxieties to all parties. Now we have a totally flabbergasted public and they may blame the police and the government for such contradictions and ambiguity.

The government is gravely concern about this issue and hope that all parties will restraint and not cause more unnecessary contradictions and make the work of our loyal police force more difficult and onerous. The people must trust the government and the police; if they placed their confidence and trust in them, then the government will be able to uphold its integrity and excellence.

As an initiation towards the promotion of the common good of the people, the Barisan Nasional government will be launching community programmes to help people reduce their energy use and adopt other cost-saving habits.

These include more use of public transport and developing edible home gardens under the federal government's Bumi Hijau campaign.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told BN menteris besar and chief ministers this at a meeting yesterday. (Refer: BN states to promote cost-saving habits)

Although the energy price will be increased soon due to the fact that TNB's profit had dropped 70%, the government will make sure that such inflationary pressures would not burdened the people beyond their threshold. The government understands the plight of the people when it increased the price of fuel and reduce the subsidy by some 40-60% but that was inevitable and beyond the control of the government as the price of crude oil had ballooned at the same hike caused largely by speculative trading and hedging by the Western economies.

The government is now promoting the Bumi Hijau campaign to help the people learn how to grow their own vegetables and fruits in their own garden. As for those who stays in flats and apartments and do not have own garden, the government is studying ways to help them grow vegetables inside their bedroom and toilets.

With regard to high fuel prices, the government will promote better public transport that do not consume fuel such as bicycled-bus services, mass giant-rickshaws services. The government will also organize campaigns to encourage the people to walk to work as a form of exercise to better their health and at the same time save fuel cost, parking and toll charges. The government have also advised the state governments to use Mercedes Benz only for foreign dignitaries and functions. The state government must show respect to foreign dignitaries and VIPs and it will not be good for them to be transported by Perdanas (which occasionally breakdown on its journey as observed)

As addition, in order to make the people feel better and brighter, the government will be organizing more promotions and campaigns to keep explaining to the people (until they fully understand) about all these uncontrollable situations. To ensure the total success of these campaigns the government have allocated many millions for the roadshow. It is hope that all these roadshows and campaigns will help to alleviate the peoples' suffering.


wisdomthinker said...

At least there is some good things to be heard from the government deeds; like more use of public transport and develop edible home gardens.

moo_t said...

To make BN campaign run successfully, Badawi decide to allocate RM10 millions awards for 20 slogans, since slogan show effectiveness under China Chairman Mao era.

However, due to objection from Pakatan Rakyat and bloggers, the PM decide to withdraw the RM10 millions rewards and ask public to submit the slogans.

Inspire by Serbia and nokia, KJ submit one, Malaysia Kao Zimbabwe. Jeana happily give another, Good things come to those who wait till 2012. However, it is pulled due to AAB Hadhari campaign.

Tien Chua submit another BN means Snoitpurroc, inspired by Guiness noitulovE campaign. UMNO reject it because the cool word Snoitpurroc should be used on UMNO, not BN.

youth attack said...

the public is already confused.and now with the release of such "medical report" the public are more confused!.

there's many speculations regarding the medical report.but the most obvious is the handwriting.it's messy and beyond comprehension!.a non-medical people like me hardly understand the handwriting and the medical terms used in the report.just the "o" in the report aroused many questions on the real meaning of it.

regarding your article here,it's a good effort by Pak Lah and Co. to promote Bumi Hijau campaign to help the people learn how to grow their own vegetables and fruits.also to promote conciousness for common people to use more public transport and also promoting "walk to work" in order to better our health and save fuel cost, parking and toll charges.

well done!.support the action that good for us and our country.

Anonymous said...

he talk about the same thing with vegetable garden 3 months back, and repeat the same thing again.

talk only lah.. haven't you heard of anything that was promised to be done but not done?

what are the details plans and action? show us the timetable what to do and by when. then we are more convinced.

suealeen said...

i read the second one with a big grin! hahahaha... can u believe it? After debating the pros and cons of purchasing the benz and arguing about perdana.

yeah.. i smile too when i read your previous entry about american and russian scientists...

confuse? who is confused now? i'm not. maybe 'they' are confused! medical reports are confidential, police reports are confidential (hahaha), all confidentials eihh? since when?

someone said that the handwritting is messy. guy, you haven't seen my daughter's medical files especially the neuro's file. i bet you won't understand the 'cacing kerawit' plus the medical terms that have been written in it!

Anonymous said...

It's the police who are more cuntfused and the public is getting a clearer picture.

It's more difficult for police to frame people because there're growing number of professionals who cannot be intimidated.


suka_aman said...

"what are the details plans and action? show us the timetable what to do and by when."

the timetable for what?for the right time u wanna grow vegetable and fruit at your own backyard?

come on la.give the man a break.at least the govt under Pak Lah is doing something rather than nothing.

Jacsoho said...

"To ensure the total success of these campaigns the government have allocated many millions for the roadshow. It is hope that all these roadshows and campaigns will help to alleviate the peoples' suffering"

Millions to educate us with these campaigns and roadshows. I prefer them to do something more worthy to reduce our burden. Do they think most of us have land to grow own vegetables and fruits?

suealeen said...

i also found this text on Damian Yeo, the advocate. it's a PC text of President of Malaysian Bar.

i pray for the doctor + fam safety..

pancaroba said...

"Do they think most of us have land to grow own vegetables and fruits?"

this is where we have to be proactive.at least the govt is now promoting the campaign that might help us to ease our burden a bit.they're not forcing us infact they're promoting us.

lots of us may not have the enough land for planting.then again,it's up to one choice.if we feel we support the campaign,then there's gotta be a way to do it.if we dont ever bother about the campaign,then nothing will happen la.

if you set your view in a positive way then things gonna go easy on you.

Tanie said...

The government is so detached sometimes. Instead of encouraging people to use the largely inefficient and insufficient public transport, how about pumping in those campaign money to improving them..and do it fast before the patience on the ground wears REALLY thin..

Chauncey Gardener said...

What confusion is there?

Either the siad medical report exists or it doesn't. The Police could have confirmed either one of these 2 outcomes.

Instead it obfuscates the issue by declaring the act of distribution of the said document as criminal.

But does this mean the medical report exists ?

Anonymous said...

when they ( badawi, najib, hamid albar, hishamuddin khairy, mukhriz, liow tiong lai & pdrm ) screaming for anwar dna & now with dr mohd osman report...

and while these low-life buggers continue buggering the nation...

we demand that these buggers swear on all the holy books, that they didn't know this medical exist.


Reds said...

actually there are alternatives explanation of the turn of event, esp the so-called medical report. Just read it on rights2write. well do read both, point it to jump the gun too hastily on either side is never a good thing.

HopefulPessimist said...

Lol! That was a funny one Mave :)

They are scared that the public would get confused? I think it's time they realise that we are not stupid.

Maverick SM said...


Ya lah; at least some good suggestions.


You are a great author.

Youth Attack,

Ya, Bumi Hijau is a good programme.


Sorry to confuse you more. And don't laugh at me lah!!!LOL


You have a good point that I like.


Ya, the govt under Pak Lah is doing something. But I thought the govt must do all things?


You have a good point; but Pak Lah will find a way so that everyone has the land to grow; maybe on the roof top.


Thanks for the link.

Maverick SM said...


You are a positive man and you have good points; irrespective.


Well, it's what we get from what we chose.

Chauncey Gardener,

I believed it did; it probably will not exist later.


They had sworn; they swear on everything and anything, so long as they remain powerful and wealthy.


You have a good point.

preview said...

Mesti ada saja pihak yang cuba mengganggu siasatan polis. Benda yang masih dalam siasatan rasanya tidak perlu didedahkan, setakat cakap2 orang kita belum tahu kebenarannya. Tunggu je, sampai masa nanti kita akan tahu juga.

Maverick SM said...


Awak betul; biar lah apa apa dia orang nak buat ke atas sesiapa saja lah kerana tak mengenai kita. Betul, betul. Pandai, pandai.