Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Double Tongue or Talk Twice?

Drama Quiz:

Take 1:

Talks by Umno and PAS leaders on Malay or Muslim unity will not be at the expense of non-Muslims, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

“When we talk about Malay or Muslim unity, I must stress that it is not exclusive. It is not at the expense of non-Muslims,” Najib said.

Take 2:

Abdul Khalid Samad, who is also the PAS MP for Shah Alam, who attended the PAS-Umno Selangor dialogue claimed that the meeting was coloured with a racial agenda - to halt the predominantly Chinese DAP from making inroads into the Selangor government.

Take 3:

Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he would bring in more allocation for the state should PAS agree to form a coalition government with Umno.

"I promise to negotiate with the Prime Minister for more allocation to develop the state,” he told reporters

Ahmad Zahid said Tajol Rosli had asked him to relay the intention to form a coalition government with PAS before Nizar’s swearing in as Mentri Besar. It was, however, rejected by the Perak PAS leadership, he added.

Take 4:

Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak said Perak Umno had gotten “carried away” with the discussions between PAS and Umno when it suggested the two parties team up and form the state government.

“Perak Umno was carried away with the discussion held between the two parties on ways to unite the Malays.

Take 5:

MCA Vice-President Ong Tee Keat said the proposal for Umno and PAS to be merged into one political party was a non-starter.

Ong Tee Keat said the idea of dissolving both PAS and Umno to form one party was a statement by PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to dispel apprehension within his own party.

Take 6:

MCA Secretary-General Ong Ka Chuan said it was Umno’s responsibility to explain to other Barisan component parties the issues discussed during the high-level talks with PAS.

Take 7:

MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said Umno should take into account the feelings of fellow Barisan parties before holding any discussions with PAS.

“Whatever the discussions, Umno should consider the feelings of the other parties in Barisan. And there are many parties in the coalition,” he said.

Philosophy of Idealism or Objectivism?

Sun Tze at work?

Or Machiavelli's strategic control?


Anonymous said...

You missed out Take 8: MCA's representation of 4 full Ministers in the present cabinet will be reduced by half should PAS join BN

Anonymous said...

Both UMNO/PAS should be dissolved and form a new party because the "snake" will never ask whether you're a PAS or UMNO member before it strikes.


yok hoong said...

i thought MCA labelled PAS as extremists the last round. and they literally tried to hang DAP by linking them with PAS.
hmm, now they dont even dare to utter a word of protest on these talks. looks like a dog remains a dog;still itching for some crumbs falling off the UMNO dining table.

wow wow.

new york disaster said...

every political party seems wanting to have their say on the UMNO/PAS.personally,i think there's nothing to be afraid you seriously think both party wanted to work together after long years of feud between them?.it come as a huge suprise if they carry on with the plan though.

but up until now,we can conclude that it's just politic talks and politic talks are merely just going nowhere.

suealeen said...

i agree with new york disaster...

it's just a talk.. and i think MSM is carried away. still in the mood of denial too.

after the wise TGNA challenged to dissolve the 2 parties (which he always repeats the same all over again), UMNO has not taken up the challenge. it simply a test for UMNO on whether they're honest in their talks. it seems they're not!

50 years on the same road, PAS is matured enough! has the leopard (UMNO) changed its spots? i don't think so.

ORIS said...

This is obviously not Sun Tze at work, but more of PUND*K that runs the high government seats.

Agrees with New Yorker... its all Politic Talks that wont end up anywhere but in Coffeeshop etc.

Just ignore it lah as PUND*K will remain as PUND*K where they goes. Good example, just look at Pak Lah, Najib, or the MCA fellas!

Maverick SM said...


No lah; no snake party lah!

Yok Hoong,

I believed MCA had discover profundity.

New York Disaster,

I surely agree that there's nothing to be afraid of those talks. But you are not seeing things with your thoughts and discovering the suppositions and hypocriticism at work.


If a girl who is working with your husband's competitor often asked your husband out for dinner and says it is about work and business cooperation and it had been happening for the last few months where he comes back last in the night and drunk, and each morning explains to you that it's business talk only; would it cross your mind to ponder and would your thoughts become suggestive and would you still say you are matured enough to accept it as part of business cooperation?

Umno needs to built distrust between PAS and the Pakatan members and the only way is to keep courting PAS in the name of idealism and truism until PR gets suspicious and conflict emerged, thus weakened; alternatively, if PAS gets delighted with the possibility of becoming ministers and sharing power and position, thus buy-in to the proposition, then Umno can get back S'gor, Perak and Kedah. Both ways, Umno wins and PAS and Pakatan loses. It's a grand idea and will surely bear fruit; Umno can never lose in this strategic game. PAS will surely succumb to the temptations, irrespective.

The Chinese and Indians will not lose out as their votes and political affiliations are much needed to provide the necessary balancing acts when PAS becomes partners of Umno; MCA, gerakan, MIC and PPP would be used to curtail PAS's influence and built distrust of the other communities towards PAS such that over time, PAS would be mutilated and emasculated, possibly cremated.

Another advantage of the Chinese is the fact that the Chinese will be the provider and buyer of projects, donating and subscribing to the regime. The Chinese and Indians would be used as proxies for the political leaders to launder money and to be financial and business agents and collectors. Projects must be sold in order for the regime to amass greater wealth and who else in Malaysia buys and pays for procurements of projects?

I can assure you that the outcome would surely weakened PAS and strengthen Umno but would never weakened the Chinese economy intelligence and participations.

What's my concern? My idolism and passions of Islamic knowledge and the virtues caused me to ponder about the true Muslims and their constant prostitutions of the religion in their effort to gain wealth and power exposes the frailties of the belief system and hypothetically my findings proved that such idealism and positivism is implored and illusory. Whatever can be observed in a nation that pronounced Islam as the national religion is but rhetorics and coquetting. Period.

new york disaster said...


i do sense hypocriticism at work.but who is the hypocrite?PAS or UMNO?.

i rather not choose any of them.i just stick to my stand that it's just another political talk.

wisdomthinker said...

Dun worry, its nothing to be worry about. I believe that UMNO and PAS would not unite. If they unite, then the whole political arena will definitely become chaos and riots. They knew the circumstances and they dare not take the chances.

They are just playing games along; this issue will drag along for a longer time and public will soon be boring about it. I believe it is just political talks anyway.

suealeen said...

yeah.. i agree with that too, mave.

PKR + DAP have become suspicious. the advantage is on UMNO side. even if any leaders in PAS said - STOP, the MSM is still playing the NON-STOP agenda. thus, there's a negative perception on PAS with this muzakarah thing. including still continue to woo PAS in Perak (what the heck!). if somebody doesn't want to marry you, why do you still insist? kalo tak berjaya, nak pergi jumpa bomoh?

Ahmad Zahid said Tajol Rosli had asked him to relay the intention to form a coalition government with PAS before Nizar’s swearing in as Mentri Besar. how many months now? if i were the wife (MCA), i'll leave the women-hunger husband (UMNO) alone.. hahaha!

why pay so many attentions to this case whilst the merger wouldn't be in place (like OTK said)? in singapore, the oil price has been decreased 5 times! how about us? we're so preoccupied with the "s" case, with the muzakarah thing until we forget what things are more important to our daily lives.

CK said...

no need to decipher what's the meaning behind each statements. everybody just wanna take k of their own ass.

just don't believe the politicians. blardy fed up.

Chauncey Gardener said...

On the other hand, it would appear that the 14 member BN coalition might lose one of its members (SAPP) shortly.

Maverick SM said...

New York disaster,

You made a right decision!


In fact I prefer that they unite; we will then see better days!


The game is now on high stakes and the winner gets roasted, the loser gets mutilated. Watch and observe, my dear!


Haha...did I stir you?

Chauncey Gardener,

It should be more than one!

kittykat46 said...

How come UMNO and PAS aren't having unity and power-sharing talks in the states where UMNO is in power ?
E.g. Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Melaka, Terengganu ?

Surely, such talks should be even smoother.

Maverick SM said...


There were also part of the deal to include PAS ADUNs to be incorporated into the EXCOs.