Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MCA questioned the sodomy conspiracists

The MCA branches under the Petaling Jaya Utara parliamentary constituency aired their concern in response to the latest twist to the case, a day after a medical report was leaked to the media.

Seven MCA branches have questioned the integrity of the sodomy allegation against opposition stalwart Anwar Ibrahim as well as the police investigation into the matter.

"We, being members of seven branches of MCA PJ Utara representing more than 1,000 members of MCA, wish to do our civic duty," read the two-page statement inked by MCA SS2 Town Centre branch chairperson Lee Chong Beng.

"We note that MCA cannot remain silent anymore, lest we be accused (if not already accused) of being accomplices to diabolical conspiracies."

"We had also taken the liberty to check on the comments contained in the medical report dated 28 June 2008 conducted on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan by Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, the Medical Officer at Hospital Pusrawi Sdn Bhd. Three doctors we have checked with have stated that the comments meant that the results for the alleged sodomy is ‘negative’. They also confirmed that a Doctor can never change a medical report."

The branches also took deputy inspector-general of police (DIGP) Ismail Omar to task for stating that media reports on the doctor’s findings were aimed at confusing the people.

"Such statements by the DIGP only serve to further the perception that the police is pulling out all the stops to withhold evidence crucial to prove Anwar’s innocence while at the same time fabricate or attempt to fabricate evidence against a fellow citizen of our country."

The branches also pointed out that the Anwar saga was doing the country harm as the international community has labeled Malaysia as a country ruled by a despotic government.

"We urge the police, the attorney-general and the government to treat all our citizens fairly, with transparency, without withholding crucial evidence and with the proper application of the rule of law."


I laud these few MCA guys; this purported conspiracy has nothing to do with MCA and neither will harm them nor benefit them. This is an Umno game, involving a Mongolian sales agent, and the unfair distribution of hundreds of millions of ringgit commission which caused the conspiracy to start working.

But MCA guys here were right; they can't remain silent lest they are observed to have concurred with the conspirators' diabolical acts. The MCA must rebuilt their image and must be seen to be relevant; otherwise, they might just bury themselves or cremate themselves at Nilai Memorial Park.


suealeen said...

Nilai Memorial Park? i'm grinning again! bukan kena tol ke? patut kena tol sekali dengan BPR (tu pun kalau boleh diharap).

many parties have seriously thought about their political survival in order to be relevant. and i think if MCA (or any party) wants to be relevant, they have to act wisely by listening to what the rakyat have been said and felt all this while.

the image is important. politic is about people's perception i.e. on how you manage the country and its people. if you fail to impress, you'll fail miserably.

Anonymous said...

We are in a country that is governed by people who have no concerns for rule of law. The institutions that are responsible for law and order are guided by satanic officers.

As Malaysians we can't be any more shameful than this. Before me, today I see there are groups who have their clear conscience have stood their ground for justice. I salute this MCA guys. We need all those who have their conscience to come forward questioning the regimes of corrupts in this country.
It is no more the issues of Anwar. It is all Malaysians'. If a person like Anwar who is widely respected could be subjected to such ill-treatment I can't imagine what could be the situation for ordinary Malaysian in this country.

I call upon all Malaysians to come together to stand firm against injustices caused by the corrupters in this country. In so doing let us create second political Tsunami to wipe out the remaining sinners.


Khun Pana said...

But the moron is still Saifool.
He endangered himself as now the medical report bocor.The whole world knew about this now.
Can well means he is no longer useful to the conspirators .
Not only that , he have to face the anger coming from Anwar's supporters.
Seeks protection from the polis the conspirators?
If they can protect you it also means they can kill you.
Better saifool comes out clean and explain who was behind all this before it is too late.
As for the mca, mic, gerakan and whatever bn component parties.
Please wakes up, use common sense.

Maverick SM said...


You are absolutely right about perception; and you have good humour too! Tol? hahaha.


Do not be depressed by all these events; it could be the beginning of better days.

Khun Pana,

Common sense is not so common.

Reds said...

I am getting confused. I'm reading this Puswari's doctor's report and another two commentary on how a proper examination is to be done but was not done by that Puswari doctor and hence the medical report is not conclusive or even credible as evidence. Have you seen those other writings Mave?

Anonymous said...


That's only a brief outpatient record which provides preliminary finding of initial examination. The doctor already 'disappear' before he can give a complete report.


lalseang said...

you can bet this guy will join anwar



Uncle Pet Pet is calling RPK for debate lah.... Aiyo Yooo! As RPK said once, is that Uncle Pet or Auntie Pet Pet.

Read more funny stuff http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/7/30/nation/21954433&sec=nation

Wednesday July 30, 2008
Saiful’s uncle dismisses revelation, says he still believes him

PETALING JAYA: A relative of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan has scoffed at a medical report posted on several online news portals, saying that they were only notes made by a doctor at Hospital Pusrawi.

“If it was a forensic report, it would be detailed. Pusrawi does not have a forensic department of its own,” said the relative, who wants to be known as Uncle Pet, yesterday.

“That is the reason Saiful went to Hospital Kuala Lumpur to get a second medical examination,” said the man.

He was commenting on the supposed medical report from Hospital Pusrawi, signed by Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, ruling out that Mohd Saiful had been sodomised.

Mohd Saiful had lodged a police report that he was sodomised by PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Uncle Pet maintained his faith in his nephew and said Mohd Saiful was telling the truth.

“I believe in him. I will stand by him. What he is saying is true. I do not care what others think about the doctor’s notes. My nephew is on the right side by revealing the true colours of Anwar,” he said.

“Ours is a small family. We are just ordinary people and we do not benefit in any way from Saiful’s revelation. Come what may, we will fight till the end.”

He also said the latest twist in the saga was just an exaggeration by Raja Petra Kamaruddin, editor of online news portal Malaysia Today.

“They just want to exaggerate the story to divert attention from the sodomy investigation. Anwar and his cronies are twisting the whole allegation now,” he said.

“We asked him (Anwar) to swear on the Quran but he does not want to do it. It is simple, as a Muslim he should be brave if he speaks the truth.”

Uncle Pet also lashed out at Raja Petra for taking swipes at his physical appearance.

“How can he judge my personality just by looking at my image on television. I think he wants to provoke me. He wanted to create a misconception to the public,” he said.

He also challenged Raja Petra to meet him to settle the matter.

artchan said...

The 7 MCA branches are just branches. What has the MCA leadership.OKT, OTKeat, OKC, Liow the youth Chief got to say? They are deathly quiet. Got buggered or what?

Mr. Pig said...

Seems like the MCA grassroot leaders make more sense than their top taikors. I sure hope the oncoming MCA elections bring new changes to their leadership.

If the ruling parties move towards this sensible direction, then I guess Bolehland still has hope.

bond said...


Wow... when was the last time I uses "Nilai Memorial Park" and I guess the 7 Branches are sure afraid of being relocated to Nilai Memorial Park if not Semenyih Memorial Park.

Pak Lah and the "Bomber" are just happily eagerly to be placed at Prescint 20 Memorial Park PUTRAJAYA when their time comes September 16.

These 7-stooges leaders should go all out fighting for National MCA Leadership, not branch-ship.

Well, thumbs up for doing what is right for 1000 MCA members!


modern youth said...

one more confusion after another.my head is spinning.i dont know the real deal on why RPK released such article and medical report.because of the truth or just wanna stir things up?.the medical report alone aroused many speculations over the "authencity" of the contents.what i mean by that is many people still dont understand the real meaning of the content of the report therefore most of us make the conclusion ourself.

dont wanna add more.just go to the link below to read more :


Hostage said...

Whatever happens, the raakyat is and should be with DSAI after reviewing the first case in 1998.

Those involved in 1998, is now worried that DSAI will go on a rampage and after them. I foresee them fleeing the country like how Marcos and his cronies did when his government fell.

Is AG sueing? Why not now and what is he waiting for, since IGP have started the ball rolling.

DSAI will win Kulim hands down as a martyr if he his detained and jailed this time around. The option is in his hands and better still if the dog (EMN) with six shoe boxes stand against him.

Knowing what our government stand for, the persistant fabrication of evidence such as doctering Police Reports and how the man in blue work, there is no relevance in which Medical Report is genuine. (RM50.00 will enable a sargent to help you write a very good report and even help you alter it so that you get round what you are reported against.)

So my dear fellow malaysians, whatever race you are, the question is:-

1. Do you want to be part of history?
2. Do you want to play a part in toppling this Corrupt Government of ours?
3. Do you want to join our Asean brothers who have already toppled their corrupt and useless government?
4. Do you want to let our corrupt and useless government and politicians continue sodomising you?
5. Do you know besides the petrol increases, there are other areas we are robbed of our hard earned money in the name of Privatisation.
6. Do you or have you been deprived of a decent job in the name of M&A.
7. Do you know many suffering Malaysians, have been robbed on their job and families broken as a result of Bolehland big grandoise plans and life style set backwards 30 years.
8. Do you know if you are given the same privilege as the 1st Mamakk family, you can also be a billionaire and not resort to commit suicide when the financial crisis sets in in 1997.

And many more questions that we can start asking and only you will know the answers.

Lets show it via the ballot boxes starting with Kulim.

Go for a change and hope for the better.

The system needs a complete overhaul and the beauty of it is we decide who runs our lives and not the Politicians.

Once again, my dear malaysian brothers, please be bold enough to go for a change and see to it that justice is done. Do not adopt a "tidak apa dah biasa and nothing we can do" attitude.

The well being of your children and future generations is in your hands.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the finding, the doctor can't agree that one's arsehole has been sodomised. Why DG of Health is accepting GHKL finding only. He should request to see Saipol himself to confirm the finding.

marry 2x

Anonymous said...

MCA/MIC/DAP are actually behind the sodomy fiasco to break the impending merger of PAS/UMNO.


Maverick SM said...


There are good informations held by the police but would not be revealed until the court hearing begins.


I tend to accept your observation.


I think if I am Uncle Pet, I would be as angry as he is; let's be fair to him; he was not an accomplice to the saga.


Mr Pig,

MCA will begin to make sense now; otherwise, they are history and cremated.


Credit must be given where credit is due.

Modern Youth,

You must understand that the political game in play is now at its highest level.


The rakyat is divided into so many segments and coupled with Sabah and Sarawak, the political divisions are complex and amorphous.

Change? Change what? Who change? Who can change? Who has the power to change? Rakyat? Which rakyat? What's they composition and influence?

That's the questions that can provide answer to our dilemma.

Marry 2x,

They authority knows what they want and which to accept.


Ya, we should blame the MCA/MIC/DAP for the sodomy fiasco and the divisiveness of the Malays and whatever that's bad and evil, just blamed it on them.

modern youth said...

yo mave!

yeah.yer right.political game is on it's pinnacle.too many riddle.too many speculations.we need game over not resume game.

Maverick SM said...

Modern Youth,

The game will not be over until one party surrenders or perished.