Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dr M: About Cat & Goat crossbreeding

Umno will not able to rule this country with only Pas as its partner, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today, adding that a merger is akin to a cat and goat crossbreed.

But to merge the two parties, he said, ”It is like crossbreeding a cat and a kambing (goat). We know that it is now a science but it is a difficult science and we have not been able to make such a clone yet."

"I would like to see how Pas gives up hudud law (Islamic criminal law) and Umno embraces it," he mused.

"Umno must not forget its partners MCA, MIC and Gerakan although they are only a shadow of their former selves. Tunku Abdul Rahman once said that if MCA only has three members, he will still stand by them," the outspoken former prime minister told reporters at his 86th floor office in the Petronas Twin Towers.

"So any negotiation must involve their partners as well. Sabah and Sarawak feel they deserve better treatment. And if there is any goodies being given to Pas, they wouldn't like that," said the retired politician.

Source: The Malaysian Insider

Crossbreeding a cat and a goat?

Umno, the cat; PAS the goat?

What will we get?


sheriff said...

Well, Dr M is a cat and AAB is a goat. Lokk at the situation the two of them have gotten us into today!

Anonymous said...

orang tua ini sudah nyanyok, mana bolih kucing x-breed dg kambing, BODOOOOoooo, cepatlah mampuih.


Anonymous said...

Anything is possible if allah wills it. This guy is such a loser in very sense of thee word.
Taubat lah atas segalanya. Allah maha pengampun.

Maverick SM said...


It is true of the political reality; but the analogy is unkind.


Boleh lah! Kita negara Boleh.

Anonymous said...

Can be done:
kucing + kambing = kubing

Anonymous said...

Can lah:

Kambing + kucing = kamcing

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Maverick SM said...

Hello Anon 8:00am and 8:17am,

I presumed it is written by the same person.

I like the new vocab: Kubing and Kamcing.

You are intelligent!

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Tun probably has gone senile giving such nonsense comment.

Its retarded time for him huh!

Nowadays nothing is impossible what.

People already read "Police sodomises another Police" even the great ones like "Police bombed innocent woman with C4".

Nothing is impossible. Once PAS and UMNO merge and no longer UMNO and PAS parties in Malaysia, people can live happier.

No more Asshole searching, No more Bodies bombing!

Maverick SM said...


Maybe you don't know how to appreciate his point.