Thursday, July 31, 2008

Picture News: The Spinning Campaign

They now scare the shit out of you!

Will you ?

Scare Story 1:

Alor Setar: Muslims must wear tudung in billboard advertisements!

Kedah: PAS MB

Scare Story 2:

Kelantan MB: Hudud Qisas if merger happens!

Scare Story 3:

Pas Youth chief disagreed with Tok Guru on the offer by Perak Umno to form the state government.

Perak: PAS MB.

Scare Story 4:

Saiful went to Pusrawi for stomach-ache complaint but doctor did a diagnostic examination on him for sodomy.

Scare Story with good news 5:

Pusrawi hospital says Saiful was not examined to verify if he had been sodomised.

Scare Story 6:

What's this????? Unrelated!

Scare Story & Reality 7:

What's this? Coincidence!

All on the same day!


artchan said...

Hudud,,why not? I think the the UMNOputras will shiver if it happens.

And for that, the crooks in UMNO will not let it happen.

Yan said...

Hudud Qisas only applicable to the muslim lah. Why non-muslim worry? Let them cut-off the hands of those corrupted "thieves" civil servants.
We better worry about the BN/Mahathir amended law where Syriah court cannot be challenged by civil court & related the bodies snatching incidents.



What is going on with hospitals nowadays????

Patience with stomach ache get their asshole check instead.

Can we send our daughters, sons, even wives to hospitals - especially government and/or government related hospitals now that they are eagerly wanting to chech the asshole when the sick originally at elsewhere????

Mannnnn! Are malaysian doctors are sick doctors or what????

Got stomach pain, doctor checked the asshole??? If got sodomised, the doctor will wallop the it again????

MMC and Malaysian doctors, guess must be sick people huh. Now can the Rakyat trust our Healthy Services any longer or what....

HuntressMoon said...

I need ur help. please provide me ur email address at my blog for contact. i will delete it immediately.

thanks. URGENT!

denzook said...

when those hands are chopped off, how're you going to feed them ?

i suggest those corrupt politikus, perompak, perogol, pembunuh trials should be just kept within 1-month and headshot if found guilt(bullet bill to their nearest kin) - save penjara nasi and taxpayer money..... if this is hudud law, i sokong then.....

anyway, first they conquered kelantan, then they temporary "annexed" t'gannu, afterwards they snatched kedah and maybe perak. next is selangor. this is scary s*it to me. conclusion, ge 12 is actually victory for pas .......

Tanie said...

The revelation that this Dr Osman has known Anwar and worked together on numerous occasions since back then kinda throwing a pool of doubt on his medical report. Can't quite shake that away.

denzook said...

you ppl always says hudud and sharia is just for muslims, but when these religionists become dominant, and due to unjust to muslim where punishment apply to them and non-muslim goes scotfree, they will rise and demand the law to apply to non-muslim as well! it is great injustice where harsh punishment applies to muslim where non-muslim becomes spectator- either they'll force non-muslim to convert or amend law to have "infidels" succumb to their law as well....

moo_t said...


If I were you, I will do research before jumping the gun!

google this word : gastroenterologist

Corruption DOES sip into Hudud law.
Fundamentalist trying to deny the issues of corruption, but Afghanistan Taliban show us live example of corruption "overcome" hudud law. A poor small boy got amputated for stealing. OTH, pedophile stay scratch free after some "major" punishment.

Anonymous said...

“Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.”


Maverick SM said...


You may be wrong, BN still have 12 more component parties within and they can use them to influence decisions and dictates.


You are right on the point of application of Hudud and Qisas.

But I don't see any problem about body snatchings when those who opt to be converted must have done so with this knowledge and facts and must have accepted it including all the consequences that may arise thereof.


You may have misconception of the hospital's statement, What was headline by the MSM wasn't what the hospital Pusrawi's statement; it was spinned. Read the full interview to understand better.


I had posted.


You probably lack understanding of Islamic state and its implementation policies. It's not what you could have perceived. Maybe you should visit Kelantan and stay there for a few days to observed what is Islamic state.


I think you can't take a single event to illustrate Hudud law. The application of such laws in Afgan cannot be used to portray the Hudud law and the injustice.

We must remember that however good the law, it is still the human who administer them that decides and apply. the law itself is not wrong; whatever law, human is still the factor.


Your point is part of the discourse in philosophical studies; but without religion, the world would be far chaotic and unsafe. You can't have such simplistic statements which in itself is an insult to the intellectuality of mankind. No religion had taught human to commit crime or act unjustly. Religion was to guide human to be humanistic and to make this world a better place. Don't be porky.

Tanie said...

For good people to do bad things, it takes a silent conscience and twisted rationalization. To base what's good and bad on the very fallible bases of human reasoning explains half of the world's problems.

goodboy said...


i don't think that religion is an insult to human dignity. Religion is a guidance for people to be good and prevention of people to do bad. You can't blame religion just because religious people do bad things, it is his nature of human being not being a n angel.

Well, those spinning campaign merge out from Anwar's action initially. Right? He alone had caused so much trouble to the country. So sad.

Maverick SM said...


I always admire your intellectual ability and rational thoughts. Thanks and I agree with your statement.


You are surely a good boy and you are right that we humans are not angels.

But Lucifer is an angel?

And you may be right that Anwar had created all these mess; whatever mess, just blame it on Anwar, ok? Maybe, you could also be Saiful No.2 to help alleviate Anwar and clear up all these mess.

CK said...

now i really think we are on par with zimbabwe and myanmar...

Maverick SM said...


I don't think we are on par; we are more unique and special.

gongkaukau said...

I would advise all Malaysians not to visit PUSRAWI. According to a PUSRAWI source, Saiful was checked for stomach-ache complaint. So if you have a stomach ache, the doctors there check your anus. God knows what they will do if I have a headache, chest pain, muscle ache, etc.

Can the MMA or MMC comment on this mode of examination?

And which hospital would check on your anus and make a comment that there is no evidence of sodomy if you don't complain about sodomy?

If Saiful complained that he had a stomach ache and the good doctor checked his anus and make a comment that there were no signs of sodomy, he would have kicked up a fuss and filed a complaint of malpractice against the doctor. Any normal thinking Malaysian would. You don't allow a doctor, even if he is a qualified doctor, to examine your anus for a stomach ache, right?

Unless Saiful's stomach is in his anus....

Maverick SM said...


You may have forgot the teacher who made a police report on theft and the police sent her to the hospital to examine her private part for rape.

In fact, there are so many examples.